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someone who believes in the existence of realities beyond human comprehension

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Faez Ali Faez and his group's mystic music show took huge sympathy to the Turkish religious mystic music lover in Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall in Turkey's biggest metropolis of Istanbul.
The author is also quite adept at juxtaposing a dizzying array of admittedly perplexing quotes and comments from numerous sources, contributing to the notion that Wittgenstein was a religious mystic of a sort.
Early in the book, Chmiel cites historian Peter Novick's "unanswerable" and uselessly rhetorical question: "'What would talk of the Holocaust be like in America if a skeptical rationalist like Primo Levi rather than a religious mystic like Wiesel had been its principal interpreter?
English religious mystic whose autobiography is one of the earliest in English literature.
Theoretical, quantum physicists are beginning to sound like Eastern religious mystics, and mystics are beginning to sound like physicists.
Humanity still ponders the big questions posed down the centuries by the philosophers of the classical era, the medieval theologians, the religious mystics, the enlightenment thinkers, the pre-modern scientists--the only questions worth spending any time on: What am I?
Sources said the two graves held the bodies of local North Sinai religious mystics who were members of the Sawarka tribe.
Only religious mystics understand the rich discipline of this vanishing art.
With One Voice brings together a wide range of revered teachers and religious mystics from Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Sufi, Muslim, Shamanistic, and other traditions, who all affirm the same experience: that in the realm beyond the ordinary world, we are one.
Some substances ( known as ' mushrooms') induce a hallucinogenic effect, which is found to prompt life- changing revelations similar to those reported throughout history by religious mystics and those who meditate.
The novel's use of mysticism, both the recorded experience of religious mystics and the primitive consciousness Musil read about in Levy-Bruhl, is examined by Genese Grill.
The conference's focus is on how religious mystics can provide guidance for the tasks of the second half of life.
2] Such comments were once solely in the realm of science fiction, or in the teachings of religious mystics who promised immortality in a life beyond this one.
In Vereda da salvacao (1965; "The Path of Salvation") he vividly depicted the delirium of a group of religious mystics and their destruction at the hands of the authorities.
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