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genre of music composed for performance as part of religious ceremonies

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Chairman of the festival, the former priestJean louis Hoff stated that the Syrian musicians were supposed to hold three concerts in Strasbourg at the beginning of November in the framework of a religious music festival dubbed " Holy Days" .
Religious music occupies one of the most significant pages in the history of Lithuanian music.
com)-- A concert titled “We Place Our Trust In You” is the name of a program of religious music to be performed at St.
At intervals through the day Sikh religious music is played through loud speakers in the corridors.
It examines women's musical function within community, religious and private spheres, and highlights the publications of folk music, religious music, textbooks and piano methods by women.
But it's a stance that has softened considerably in recent years, as the singer has made a slow returnbeginning with recordings of religious music and gradually expanding to more traditional pop offerings (often for various charities) with messages of peace.
Sufi Festival, Jodhpur (21 [ETH] 23 February 2014) and Nagaur (17 [ETH] 19 February 2014) A combination of religious music fused with more classical sounds of Rajasthan, the Sufi festival takes place in February.
This work was not accepted in the twentieth century as an autograph of Pergolesi; indeed most of his religious oratorios were totally overlooked by musicologists and the early twentieth century considered religious music well down the list of priorities as secular humanism took hold of all Western societies.
But in contradiction to what he said on "Showbiz," Wael said that the current time is quite appropriate for a religious music album, for it is the food of the soul and mind, and can influence people in a tremendous way.
Macmillan, Tenebrae Responsories Westminster Cathedral Choir / Baker JAMES MACMILLAN'S religious music has none of Arvo Part or John Tavener's holy minimalism or Howard Goodall's Classic FMfriendly tunefulness.
By Salman Siddiqui/Staff Reporter It is strange that the West is interested more in Arab religious music than any of the record label companies in the Middle East, a popular Moroccan vocalist says.
I've been writing religious music for choirs during the last 10 years, so it's been a breath of fresh air to get back to this," he says of composing Adiemus Colores, his first release on Universal's label Deutsche Grammophon.
Jazz great John Coltrane's music may not usually be thought of as spiritual or religious music, but the Rev.
The appropriation of traditional religious music for political purposes is amply demonstrated by the present selection, a nineteenth-century English hymn sung to rally the troops in the early mass mobilization of the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama, 1955-56.
Anything other than religious music was banned even some years back", says Pedram Foushanji, the drummer and song writer for District Unknown.
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