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As both Shas and National Outlook Parties rely on religious movements as their bedrock, SMT could point out different aspects left in the dark.
This examination of Kellogg's evolving views is a great way to explore many social and religious movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
First, it is not right to view the Hizmet movement as a purely religious movement.
Lester's Creating Cistercian Nuns: The Women's Religious Movement and Its Reform in Thirteenth-Century Champagne, the project to re-frame the dominant (and largely gender-blind) narrative of the Cistercian order's foundations is substantially advanced.
Former IT specialist Alan John Miller, or AJ as he prefers to be known, runs a religious movement known as the Divine Truth from his home near the small town of Kingaroy in the state of Queensland.
Al-Da'wa as a Shi'ite religious movement was co-founded in the 1960s by Grand Ayatullah Muhammad-Baqer al-Sadr, who in 1980 was executed by Saddam's regime.
What was the religious movement founded by Joseph Smith?
Second, the book ignores the fact that there is significant reservation among haredi Sephardim to Shas, both as a party and as the religious movement headed by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef (particularly among Moroccan Israelis, and in the Jerusalem locality).
With some 220,000 American members, the religious movement has been famous for its social activism -- for fighting slavery and opposing the Vietnam War, for promoting suffrage and advocating gay rights.
At the same time Henry VIII is breaking from Rome, the Bible has been translated into English and there is an underground, forbidden religious movement by those who are reading the Bible and determining their own faith.
While Stark makes some telling points against his critics, he will nonetheless leave even his most sympathetic readers with serious questions about what goes into deciding that a religious movement qualifies as a "world religion.
The legislative trend is part of the efforts by a conservative religious movement with increasing political clout, says Jennifer C.
Fast-forward another decade or so, and the religious movement called the Moral Majority would play a major role in putting Ronald Reagan in the White House.
It marks the first time that the Israeli government accords an honor of this type to a religious movement on official legal tender.
A RELIGIOUS movement has appointed a young adults worker for Birmingham.
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