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The president also stressed that as a respected religious leader, GE[micro]rmez deserves the same conveniences as the pope.
Faith in God, following scriptural dictums, respecting religious leaders have all been contributing to the right conduct of people from time immemorial.
In 1991, 30 percent of respondents said they strongly agree that religious leaders should not influence voters in an election.
It is argued that religious leader engagement is a core factor for expressing U.
While the titles and roles of the religious leader differ between faiths, certain parts of the work apply to most religions: Speaking in front of meetings at a place of worship and conducting ceremonies such as marriages and funerals, or festivals to commemorate certain times of the year; listening to people's problems, giving them advice, and comforting people;
In my recent trip to Jaipur (March 6-10,2008) to attend a very colorful gathering of women and religious leaders, activists from 45 countries, I met three interesting women religious leaders from India.
Moxsir, one of the 10 religious leaders who will meet with the Pope, said the importance of peace would be tackled in the interfaith dialogue.
Summary: MOSCOW (Cihan) - Russian religious leaders and ambassadors came together on Monday to discuss to prevent the mentioning terror and Islam in the world in Russian capital of Moscow.
Columnist Abdul Rahman al-Rashid of the pan-Arab daily ASHARQ AL AWSAT on Thursday said that Muslim religious leader often give political speeches and criticize "the wrong person," due to their "political ignorance.
Ottawa -- Demonstrating that marriage is far from a dead issue, as proponents of same-sex 'marriage' have been claiming, a contingent of 43 Canadian religious leaders in November signed a joint Declaration on Marriage on November 9, 2006.
Shame, too, on religious leaders who fail to realize that they're being taken advantage of.
JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Common values among religions should be the new basis for international relations, religious leaders said during a recent international conference for peace.
I came to discover these multiple social locations through conversations with many of WCRP's founding religious leaders when I was the WCRP international youth coordinator (1989-1994).
As a petition drive failed Wednesday for a ballot initiative to restore a Christian cross to the Los Angeles County seal, some local religious leaders worried that governments - or the nation's highest court - would banish depictions of the Ten Commandments from public buildings across the land.
The city's International Centre for Reconciliation helped broker the Kaduna Peace Declaration of Religious Leaders, and the First Alexandria Declaration of the Religious Leaders of the Holy Land.