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And we can shape the future, creating a more peaceful era, by adopting a realistic approach, recognizing that the more compassionate you are, the more you'll find inner peace,' the Tibetan religious leader wrote.
His fear is based on the role played by some religious leaders, who allegedly openly canvassed for their candidates of choice instead of being apolitical.
Religious leaders of different sects and schools of thoughts pledged to help multiply and intensify message of peace in their respective local communities through coordinated and collaborative ways.
The vehicle was completely destroyed in the explosion, resulting in the death of local religious leader Maulvi Amanullah and his colleague.
The leaders also demanded immediate arrest of the people responsible for the assassination of veteran religious leader Maulana Samiul Haq.
Demands immediate arrest of killer behind the assassination of veteran religious leader Maulana Sami ul Haq.
The president also stressed that as a respected religious leader, GE[micro]rmez deserves the same conveniences as the pope.
Faith in God, following scriptural dictums, respecting religious leaders have all been contributing to the right conduct of people from time immemorial.
One was, "Religious leaders should not try to influence how people vote in elections." The other was, "Religious leaders should not try to influence government decisions."
contingent in Helmand was not the only group to consider the role of religious leader engagements, however.
While the titles and roles of the religious leader differ between faiths, certain parts of the work apply to most religions: Speaking in front of meetings at a place of worship and conducting ceremonies such as marriages and funerals, or festivals to commemorate certain times of the year; listening to people's problems, giving them advice, and comforting people;
The Third religious leader was quite unique, she is Anandamurti Guruma.
Jesus' answer reveals the hypocrisy of the religious leader's definition of work.
The religious leader said despite the contest was between two Muslims who were the candidates of the two major political parties, APC and
Pashazade stated that for the establishment of peace he has summoned around the table with Armenian religious leaders in different years with the efforts of various mediators since the beginning of Karabakh conflict: 'Russian Orthodox Church acted as traditional mediator of such meetings trying to reconcile common positions as much as possible during the meetings.