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He said the population of Kalash people is very small, but they enjoy full freedom for observing their religious festivals due to the cooperation and help of the Muslim population.
Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani, PPP lawmaker Sharjeel Inam Memon and MQM-P member Sindh Assembly Javed Hanif who are facing corruption charges will offer Eid prayer in the jail and celebrate this religious festival with the prisons.
Annual URS or religious Festival of Hazrat Sakhi Bilawal Shah Noorani will start from 8th of Ramzan.
Thus time, the mayor spoiled their religious festival. They appealed to Chief Minister Usman Buzdar to take notice of injustice and ensure payment of salary to sanitation staff on time and in advance on the occasion of religious festivals.
UMERKOT -- All arrangements to celebrate Holi, the religious festival intended to welcome the season of spring, have been finalised in Umerkot, Thar, Mirpurkhas, Nawabshah, Shahdadkot and other cities of Sindh.
Celebrators usually attend masses and prayers in their churches, enjoying the religious festival with their families and beloved ones.
ISLAMABAD:On the special directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Power Division has issued orders to electricity distribution companies (DISCOs) to restrict power outages across the country on the eve of Christmas in order to enable Christian Pakistanis to celebrate their religious festival in comfort.
The god's birthday falls on August 5 this year, but the parade will start from the Puju Temple in the old district in the evening of August 4, sending the whole town into a frenzy of religious festival that continues on the next day.
KARACHI -- Sindh Governor Mohammed Zubair, while felicitating Hindu community on the eve of their religious festival 'Holi', said that in Pakistan all religious communities enjoy full freedom to carry out their religious activities and celebrate their religious festivals.
It is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular with non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, as well as people of other communities outside Asia.
A TREE that fell during a popular religious festival on the island of Madeira has killed at least 12 people, Portuguese authorities said.
Summary: London[U.K.], August 15 (ANI):At least 11 people were crushed to death by a falling tree during a religious festival on the Portuguese island of Madeira on Tuesday.
DOZENS of people took part in an ancient Hindu religious festival at the Hindu Temple in Huddersfield yesterday.
The men are believed to have entered India through Gujarat and were planning a "big strike" there during the religious festival of Mahashivaratri on Monday, NDTV, a local news network, reported.
YENy DELHy (CyHAN)- At least 14 people were killed and several others injured in a stampede at a religious festival in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, a senior police official said.