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content of religious doctrine, but on the intentions of the parties.
BEIRUT: The Nusra Front has said it was severing ties with a rebel group in Raqqa province because it failed to abide by the Al-Qaeda affiliate's religious doctrine.
The decidedly un-Islamic introduction of female suicide bombers is hardly surprising in current terrorist groups, for they simply reinterpret and manipulate religious doctrine to legitimize acts that are strategically and militarily utilitarian.
Hayef retorted by saying, "it is well-known who started questioning the religious doctrine [referring to Achour].
The Muslim Empires of the Ottomans, Safavids, and Mughals provides an antidote to the modern view of Muslim societies by illustrating the complexity, humanity and vitality of these empires--empires that cannot be reduced simply to religious doctrine.
On a descriptive level, there is ample Supreme Court case law supporting the proposition that the Court generally eschews decisionmaking that requires adjudication of religious doctrine.
The Aal-Sauds (Aal meaning clan or household) provide the base for the Wahhabis to practice and proselytise their religious doctrine.
If a candidate were to espouse establishment of religious doctrine as public policy, the media and the public would have every right to scrutinize the candidate's religious views.
As he busies himself with trivial matters like rearranging his nation's religious doctrine, appointing himself head of the Church of England, the Catholic church squirms in agony and refuses to agree to Henry's demands.
Given further that religious doctrine is both falsification-transcendent and that religious faith is likely to have beneficial psychological effects, religious doctrine can be exempt from ordinary standards of epistemic support.
The group has long challenged Darwinian theories explaining the origins of life, and the earmark was seen by some as an attempt to inject Christian religious doctrine into the classroom.
First Amendment values are plainly jeopardized when church property litigation is made to turn on the resolution by civil courts of controversies over religious doctrine and practice.
Derose is keenly aware of apocalyptic predictions in the Bible, yet in A Warning from an Angry God, he stresses that the important thing is not to obsess over when, how, or whether the world will end, but rather to focus on pleasing God and spreading good no matter what religious doctrine one follows.
There's nothing to be inherently afraid of when it comes to homosexuality," he says, "but how do we reconcile that with the religious doctrine we were taught when we were young?
Smith added that the state follows an ``abstinence first'' curriculum, which should tout the benefits of abstaining from sexual activity, but in her experience, ``abstinence-only'' programs and speakers tend to bring religious doctrine into the classrooms that sometimes includes inaccurate information.