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a person addicted to religion or a religious zealot

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A rational religionist maximizes the sum of the present utility and discounted afterlife utility.
Put more picturesquely, the difference between a dedicated scientist and a dedicated religionist is that the scientist will follow the evidence into hell if that's where it leads.
[Women's Suffrage] platform broad enough for atheists and agnostics to stand upon, and now if need be I will fight the next 40 to keep it Catholic enough to permit the straightest orthodox religionist to speak or pray and count her beads upon."
In my 27 years in the Earth Religionist community, I have never heard of a druid group hosting a sex show, as stated by the nameless spokesman for the Church of England.
Some say that, because the Shapiro Principle contradicts the essence of religion and yet was stated by a religionist, we shouldn't take the principle seriously, much less praise it.
In those years Parrinder was the comparative religionist who was read by people who did not as a rule read comparative religion, not because he was a great stylist (he was not), but because he had the knack of telling people in simple and straightforward terms what they wanted and needed to know about the wide world of religion.
And if it opens the eyes of even one religionist to the connection between religion and violence, then it will have made the world a better place, d
"An initial investigation indicates that he was engaged in anti-DPRK (North Korea) espionage and plot-breeding activities in a third country bordering the DPRK for nearly six years, while disguising himself as a religionist," KCNA said.
French seems to carefully weigh these considerations in his argument especially as a minority religionist, but when push comes to shove, will he attempt to do more than just "share" his faith?
His case study is Rousseau (1712-78), the philosopher and religionist who was to become the great advocate of the individual conscience, stern ethical principles, and the future life.
The X-Files may be exceptional in that its periodic interest in religions (including Catholicism) is only occasionally insulting or amusingly inaccurate; usually it is respectful, sometimes betraying the sort of wide-eyed curiosity one associates with the cultural orphan who is heard to inquire, upon first seeing a crucifix, "What did that poor guy do?" The X-Files at least treats religion seriously, but demonstrates, as the media do time and again, that to personnel on both sides of the camera there is no being more "alien" than the faithful religionist.
But even if its usefulness is limited, the pragmatic theory of origins presented in Rights from Wrongs shouldn't be overlooked, for it will surely prove invaluable in impeaching the credibility of religionist arguments.
This is because the common religionist view is that religion is the only possible source of morality, that there is no point in doing good unless you're going to be rewarded for it in the afterlife.
Raymo shows us the way with a sure, skillful touch that will likely move all but the most confirmed religionist or crusty atheist.
That is why if I had remained religious, I would vehemently oppose the call on the state by a group of Uganda's religionists to collect a tax on the group's behalf.