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Synonyms for religionism

a state of often extreme religious ardour

Synonyms for religionism

exaggerated religious zealotry

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exaggerated or affected piety and religious zeal

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Globally, it means that while East remains entrenched in its 'newly discovered' religionism, only one ideology remains unchallenged and uncontested - that of Atlantist neoliberalism.
It's past time to do the same for the religionism rooted in our language.
We talked - and argued a bit - about the problems of racism and religionism.
To us this is a form of religionism in which one or several religions claim to be able to mediate eternal salvation even after death.
When God was left out of the Constitution, the ministers of the country led a huge "revival" of religionism, condemning Jefferson and others as atheists, saying that a vote for Jefferson was a vote against God.
Like any militant nontheist (he doesn't like using "Atheist" as a personal identifier), he doesn't like religionism because it so easily exerts detrimental moral influence that causes an assortment of cultural pollutions.
In the 21st century, dominated by the socially mobilized, secularized and knowledge-based nations across the world, religionism of East (static and rigid like its retrograde MENA sibling) only further alienates, isolates and marginalizes that region.
In fact, I am confident any person who defines himself or herself as an Atheist, Freethinker, Rationalist, Secular Humanist, or nontheist (Harwood's preference over "Atheist") will like this book - except for those who are committed accommodationists and thus are offended by writing about religionism that has an Ecrasez l'infame
Religionism (especially the fundamentalist kind) and the Republican Party get most of the pounding.
Alive" is a horror story about blind faith in religionism and the cruelty of secular doctors who will commit atrocities to "save a life" even though what is left is a corpse that cannot finish dying because modern medical technology can keep it biologically functioning.
No Freethinker will be surprised to discover that religionism, corporate evil, and the stupidity that is a specialty of U.
The second example shows the sharp edge of Harwood's style of analyzing religionism that his readers will find so familiar.
Almost all the books are strongly connected to religionism.