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sculpture consisting of shapes carved on a surface so as to stand out from the surrounding background

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Replicas of Vincent Van Gogh's famous paintings to be presented at the exclusive regional launch of the newly created Van Gogh Museum Relievo exhibition.
The presence of clear daily and yearly periods of histograms means that the spatial structure (relievo) of the fractal "coastline" of the Universe remains stable (at least within the scale of our lifespan);
And hence it appears, that Shellwork partakes of the Nature of Painting, if not of Statuary; imitating not only by Colours, but a full Relievo. (69) Hughes allied shellwork to Addison's theories of the Beautiful, thus giving it a solid philosophical justification.
But what infinitely enrich'd and adorn'd them, was the sweet intersection, form'd, where they met, at the bottom of the smoothest, roundest, whitest belly, by that central furrow which nature had sunk there, between the soft relievo of two pouting ridges, and which, in this girl, was in perfect simmetry of delicacy and mignature with the rest of her frame: no!
EBB recalls her childhood "when I had a garden of my own & cut it out into a great Hector of Troy, in relievo, with a high heroic box nose & shoe-ties of columbine." Since that long ago time, she asserts, "I have never cared so much in my life for flowers, ...