relieve oneself

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Angling is a way of keeping children and young people gainfully occupied, is a great pastime for those who are less able and is without doubt the best way to relieve oneself from the stresses and strains of modern life.
Bank Holiday Monday just gone, was a lovely day with lots and lots of cars parked having picnics etc, but nowhere to relieve oneself.
A facility to sit down and relieve oneself, screened by a curtained enclosure (rather than a theatrical cape wielded by an attendant), would have been particularly suited to female members of an audience.
"It permits one to find their true self, relieve oneself of the fear of age and come face-to-face with one's inner beauty," he said.
With all that pre-race hydrating comes the need to relieve oneself. Lines for the 790 portable toilets set up at the village and around the Common extend dozens deep.