relief valve

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a valve in a container in which pressure can build up (as a steam boiler)

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[ClickPress, Fri Aug 02 2019] MRRSE Research in its recent study on the buckling pin relief valves market, offers a detailed value-volume analysis of the Buckling Pin Relief Valves Market on the basis of various segments such as size, set pressure, end-use industry, and region.
Conical relief valve system parameters used are shown in Table 1.
Figure 1 shows the structure of the direct-operated seawater hydraulic relief valve studied in this paper.
Any pressure increased by the pump is after the boiler, and the relief valve will not be subjected to the high pressure.
The 1900 universal media pressure relief valve offers improved performance and simplifies maintenance needs for the end user.
The use of the EH proportional relief valve makes fan drives up to 50% more efficient, Brenner said.
By permitting vapor to flow out of the protected component through a pressure relief valve, the pressure in the protected component is reduced, preventing its catastrophic failure.
The Comet 3-B includes an air motor, "B" fluid section with all stainless steel wetted components, fluid pressure relief valve, an AA-1500 or Airless 1 spray gun, a siphon kit, and air hoses.
If the relief valve opens, reconnect the vacuum line to the system and do the same check.
For example; a built-in relief valve to prevent pump damage in the event of the discharge valve becoming blocked during operation and a built-in drain valve to facilitate easy priming.
The motor pump assembly is a compact device that integrates a brushless DC motor, fluid reservoir, gear pump, combined check valve/pressure relief valve, and ECU.
** Power-control system with gear pump and main relief valve
Other standard features include an adjustable low supply water pressure switch, automatic vent sequence and a 150 psi pressure relief valve. Cast iron process pumps are available from 0.75 hp through 7.5 hp with SICB/carbon mechanical seals.
It keeps me sane and it's a good relief valve for me.
The 075RS series relief valve features a built-in solenoid, powered by a continuous-duty coil, which allows the valve to be opened by a 12 or 24 VDC signal on command.