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a map having contour lines through points of equal elevation


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The fourth year Welsh-language pupils had been following the radio series Ar Grwydr yng Nghymru(Wandering in Wales) and decided that it would be interesting to make a relief map of Wales as a background to the lessons.
Using analogue holography means they have to produce a plastic relief map (PRM), a standard procedure for the GCM.
Lineaments that carried out from shaded relief map with multi-illumination directions (0[degrees], 45[degrees], 90[degrees] and 135[degrees]) most coincided with the drainage pattern of study area-according to the crossing maps between drainage pattern map and both lineament maps (Table 1) mostly resemble a negative system lines in the area, It is clearly to issue that, there is good relationship between these lineaments and drainage pattern system distribution especially with first and second river orders, on the other hand the extracted lineaments of shaded relief image with sun angle of (180[degrees], 225[degrees], 270[degrees], and 315[degrees]) are mostly resemble a positive system lines in the area.
The California Museum, just a block from the State Capitol in Sacramento, is hosting one of the most extensive collections of boards ever assembled (along with some epic Thrasher covers, a wall of classic Stecyk photos, and rotating projections of images from our 30th Anniversary Photo Show cast upon a relief map of the Golden State).
And my mosquito- bitten arms looked like a Rocky Mountain relief map.
They even made a humanitarian relief map for Hasaba.
While living in southern California, he began work on the design and construction of an immense, three-dimensional relief map of California.
Click on any of the states to find a shaded relief map, county map, black and white map, satellite image, and a Rand McNally Atlas map from 1895.
of one's endowments--the relief map of a human face.
From that porthole view of Earth as a relief map of itself, my gaze
Between the chapel and the burial grounds is a great bronze relief map recalling the military operations in the region.
An older man dozed alone in his wheelchair in front of a relief map of the Valley of the Kings, perhaps lulled by the dulcet voice of Omar Sharif on his audio tour headset.
The red leather seats of the Morgan have not a crease upon them, whereas the crow's feet around my eyes are rapidly meeting with the frown lines on my forehead and smile lines on my cheeks to create something like a relief map of the Lake District.
With a drawn, harrowed face like a relief map of suffering, Hurt proves one of the pic's chief assets, as does newcomer Ashitey, though Dancy's performance rarely advances beyond one-note outrage.
Mick Jagger's face is like a relief map of the Himalayas and, as for Keith Richards, he's a three billion- year-old specimen from a peat bog.