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an organism or species surviving as a remnant of an otherwise extinct flora or fauna in an environment much changed from that in which it originated

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geological feature that is a remnant of a pre-existing formation after other parts have disappeared

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Its recent distribution is interpreted as relict (Spitzenberger 1990) and presumably results from range dynamics during the Pleistocene (Hewitt 2004).
When lean gas moves from the injector well towards the producer well, it vaporizes relict oil, which is contained within the original gas cap as a liquid phase at low saturations.
It is well-known that there has been a change in the UAE's climate over the last few thousand years, for a variety of reasons, with the relict species of the Olive Highlands providing clear evidence of that from a biological perspective.
Olivine is found as relict cores surrounded by serpentine, and bronzite relics in the serpentine may be partially to completely altered to bastite.
Key words: glacial refugia, Kluane, Lepidoptera, Lymantriinae, Ogilvie, range extension, relict populations
All populations of Chrosomus in Colorado are considered relicts and historically occurred only in the transition zone of the Front Range Mountains, a longitudinally narrow north-to-south region that supports streams intermediate in character between cold, clear, high-elevation streams in high-gradient mountainous areas and those in low-elevation, low-gradient, turbid, and warmer plains (Fausch and Bestgen, 1997).
They're a 'glacial relict,' a holdover from thousands of years ago.
2 (described in the American Mineralogist article) investigate the very fine scale bonding environments of aluminum and silicon (also carbon and calcium) in poorly-crystalline C-A-S-H and crystalline Al-tobermorite in relict lime clasts, The high-pressure X-ray diffraction analyses performed at ALS beamline 12.
Abstract: Microhabitat use by scorpions was studied in the Reserva Forestal Protectora Serrania de Coraza, department of Sucre, a tropical dry forest relict of the Colombian Caribbean.
This colony of swamp metalmarks is likely a glacial relict left in this optimal habitat in northwest Alabama as the glaciers retreated during the last Ice Age.
The Bankclimber also has been collected at three locations in the Kentucky portion of the Ohio River mainstem: 1) in 1982, a relict specimen at river mile 944, near Paducah, McCracken County (Ron Cicerello, Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission, retired, pers.
The Boreal Owl as a Pleistocene relict in Colorado.