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Synonyms for reliance

Synonyms for reliance

absolute certainty in the trustworthiness of another

Synonyms for reliance

certainty based on past experience


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the state of relying on something

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The next category, in which Reliance Industries leads is department stores.
Reliance Industries bought spectrum from Infotel Broadband for $2.
The senior lawyer for CBI, Amarendra Sharan, assured the judge of having full faith in him and said, " Even if your lordship owns half the shares in Reliance, the CBI has no objection.
Saul Steinberg stepped down two years ago as CEO amid mounting losses at Reliance.
5) Lastly, as indicated below, a review of the administrative and judicial interpretations shows that reliance on a tax adviser has two aspects--the taxpayer's responsibilities and the advise responsibilities.
As a top-tier provider of international communications services, Reliance Globalcom offers a core network foundation that is comprised of scalable, resilient, high-capacity VPLS-based Ethernet.
Currently, the agency has been tasked with the management of the media mandate for Reliance Communications, Reliance Net Connect and Reliance Digital TV.
Spreading across an area of 2000 sq ft, Reliance Fresh is smaller than other formats.
7 million acquisition proposal on the table in May that included Reliance shareholders receiving about an 11th of a Leucadia share in exchange for each Reliance share.
Note: Reliance on a tax advisor to prepare a return is not reasonable cause for failure to file, the duty to file is upon the taxpayer.
Reliance Global Call is the preferred virtual calling service provider of over 2 million customers to call over 200 countries and staying connected with their loved ones," said Mike Sauer, President, Global Voice business, Reliance Globalcom.
Staying true to Reliance Digital's long standing tradition, these new stores will boast matchingfeatures as that of other Reliance Digital stores across the country.
Through a "revolution" in its approach to claims handling begun in 1997, Reliance Insurance Co.
Reliance Globalcom Executives Discuss the Future of Carrier Ethernet and Current MEF Certification Efforts
17 -- Reliance Retail, a subsidiary of Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), is ready to commence the process of implementation of its pre-empted expansion plans, which have so far been stalled due to frosty economic conditions.
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