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Platform and personnel navigation systems that operate reliably in urban environments and underground
Controlling black liquors with high solids content takes an on-line viscometer that can reliably measure the viscosity.
VoIPLink addresses those needs directly and our customers are finding incremental value in knowing they can quickly and reliably connect through the MVTS to one of the largest and most cost-effective voice networks in the world.
If you look at the Internet as a whole, you can't reliably deliver the kind of performance you need at busy times, even for existing applications," says Mark Luker, who manages the network connections program at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, Va.
The KBOX 1000 Series includes a script that can automatically and reliably update all Windows 2000 Systems to support the 2007 DST changes.
The discouraging results mean researchers must continue searching for a blood test that reliably homes in on cancer at an early stage, Okunieff told SCIENCE NEWS.
As a compact, fixed configuration switch with 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports, the S50 provides the high density that will allow Pando to expand its network as needed and reliably access its data center applications.
Richter and his colleagues hope to get the machine operating reliably by February of next year, when several key experiments are scheduled to begin.
ISO New England meets this obligation in three ways: by reliably operating New England's 32,000-megawatt bulk electric power generation and transmission system, by overseeing and ensuring the fair administration of the region's $11 billion wholesale electricity markets, and by managing comprehensive regional electric power planning.
Years of experience enable Dacoso to competently and reliably deal with all connectivity requirements, be it ESCON, FICON, Fibre Channel, Ethernet or Gigabit-Ethernet, either via WAN protocols or fiber optics.
Tichelman added, "Our technology can also help ensure that Europe's electric power generation, transmission and distribution systems continue to operate reliably while lowering maintenance costs and deferring capital expenditures.
Despite the new record, the power system performed reliably with the coordinated efforts of both generation and transmission companies across New England.
Despite the new record, power supplies were adequate to meet consumers' electricity needs throughout the day, and the regional power system operated reliably.
OmniCast for Push VOD allows on-demand providers to reliably push content to the consumer STB, improving the user's viewing experience while actually lowering network infrastructure, bandwidth consumption, and costs.
To reliably deliver allocated bandwidth in support of multiple traffic types for such a huge subscriber base requires an entirely new class of 'multimedia aware' QoS technology.
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