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Synonyms for reliable

Synonyms for reliable

capable of being depended upon

Synonyms for reliable

worthy of reliance or trust

worthy of being depended on

conforming to fact and therefore worthy of belief


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Featuring a broad variety of products for every business, Reliable Paper works diligently as a team to find the lowest prices available and pass those savings on to their customers.
Parents, you'd think, a reliable source Larkin said they mess you up Basically then, you won't succeed And never win a cup, The most reliable sauces know to man Spicy brown, from the Brum factory And delicious red tomato ketchup Both, entirely, satisfactory.
Disk-specific technologies like RAID make disk a more reliable medium than tape.
SST's SuperFlash technology is a NOR type, split-gate cell architecture which uses a reliable thick-oxide process with fewer manufacturing steps resulting in a low-cost, nonvolatile memory solution with excellent data retention and higher reliability.
Reliable Financial Corporation shareholders will receive 1.
The ultraportable and reliable W5 and T5 join other 3G enabled Toughbooks, including the fully-rugged CF-29 notebook, CF-18 convertible tablet and semi-rugged CF-74, as part of Panasonic's portfolio of mobile broadband enabled notebooks.
UDP does not allow for reliable data transmission, since there is no acknowledgement mechanism between the sender and the receiver.
Reliable Financial Corporation is the holding company of Reliable Savings Bank, PaSA of Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, a state chartered savings association insured by the FDIC.
We look forward to working together with Verizon Wireless to continue to deliver reliable products and services to our partners and customers.
On April 21, 1994, Reliable Financial Corporation announced a definitive agreement to merge with First Commonwealth Financial Corporation (NYSE: FCF), headquartered in Indiana, Pennsylvania.
today announced a partnership with Bountiful WiFi to provide the most reliable fingerprint-based access control system for WiFi local area networks (WLANs) on the market by bundling silex's SX-650 NetGuard WiFi network access control device and the S1 biometric fingerprint reader with the Bountiful Router.
6 shares of common stock for each Reliable Financial Corporation share.
In today's fast-paced environment, the ability to provide employees with applications that run over reliable Ethernet-based services is critical," said John Southard, Chief Technology Officer, New York Law School "Time Warner Cable Business Class enables us to dynamically provision the required bandwidth to support our IP-based applications.
CO: Reliable Financial Corporation; Reliable Savings Bank, PaSA ST:
Offers Customers Rapid, Reliable and Resource Efficient Disk-Based Backup and Recovery
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