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Third, mills participating in PIMA's 2002 Manufacturing Reliability Survey indicated they experienced an improvement in product quality as a result of their reliability and maintenance improvement efforts, another significant benefit to any capital intensive organization.
These three factors, if not addressed properly, would have too much of an impact on overall reliability, so they were the foundation for the basic design of the drive.
Critique: The collaborative project of the Panel on Reliability Growth Methods for Defense Systems, the Committee on National Statistics, and the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, "Reliability Growth: Enhancing Defense System Reliability" is a seminal work that should be required reading for anyone involved in national policy development and implementation.
In addition, by an excessive increase of reserving elements number, system energy demand grows considerably, and in the same time, investment and operational costs grow non-proportionally to overall level of reliability increase.
Achievement of the reliability threshold will be a major focus during design reviews.
When measuring reliability, if uptime, dependability or first run yield (FRY) drops to less than 1, the reliability level drops to a range of 90% to 99%.
In its ongoing quest for the reliability silver bullet, Catalyst engaged Ivara, a reliability vendor that offered software tools coupled with a method of achieving reliability.
gradually became growing obstacles to greater performance, scalability, and reliability.
Joe Dzekevich, the RAL's reliability engineering lead added, "Reliability is especially important to start-up companies, which have to go to market quickly with a reliable product or go out of business.
testlet) classical item statistics, such as the KR-20 reliability index and point-biserial correlations between items and tests scores, will be calculated incorrectly.
A combination of LifeKeeper, MySQL, Linux and Intel-based servers delivers maximum reliability and uptime that enable enterprise IT managers to keep a tight rein on their costs.
Phil Sharp, a former Indiana congressman now heading the national Task Force on Electric System Reliability, believes that in the long run, competition will probably bring the country a better, more dependable electric system.
doesn't necessarily guarantee sufficiently high reliability.
com/research/43kwzx/practical_reliabil) has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new book "Practical Reliability Engineering, 5th Edition" to their offering.
Very simply, a systems reliability and maintainability and its resultant availability influence many of the key factors that encompass a total systems management approach.
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