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Synonyms for relevant

Synonyms for relevant

related to the matter at hand

Antonyms for relevant

having a bearing on or connection with the subject at issue


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Assuming that the entity was formed after October 21, 2003, the foreign entity has 75 days following the date it becomes relevant (i.e., the date the entity defaults to its federal tax classification) to file Form 8832 and elect a classification other than its default classification (Kegs.
Living up to the standards set by Rich Lapan and other previous editors, and continuing to provide school counselors with high-quality, relevant literature that they can use to better the welfare of their students, can be a daunting responsibility.
Often, however, the parties will dispute what information is relevant. If it is deemed irrelevant, it falls within Category 5 and need not be produced.
Network backups that capture data saved on the network server (typically excluding user drives) can provide valuable information, though restoring and locating relevant data can be expensive and time-consuming
For example, each student group prepared a symposium focused on the relevance of research-based approaches to addressing problems, challenges, issues, and policies relevant to the community agency to which they were assigned.
One thing to remember is that you should stick to the factual, relevant, and verifiable information associated with your complaint.
Candidates should strongly consider incorporating into their training plan formal courses in relevant areas of biomedicine, behavioral science, bioimaging, or bioengineering; this program offers a unique opportunity to devote protected time to this activity.
So when your CMO meets with you to discuss your company's media plan, stop her and ask this question--the most relevant question of all: "Who's writing our culture plan?"
Section 3 of the BHC Act prohibits the Board from approving a proposal that would result in a monopoly or would be in furtherance of an attempt to monopolize the business of banking in any relevant banking market.
Here are some quick and easy ways to fulfill the first requirement: focus your presentation on a single, relevant message.
Google is one of the Internet's biggest search engines and it's purpose is to return to the user the most relevant website for a particular search item.
The most laudatory adjective that reason is willing to apply to Ayn Rand is "relevant." Relevant?!
In most cases, the local VAT rules are in line with ECJ decisions or there are no specific guidelines in local legislation beyond the verbatim implementation of the relevant provisions of the Directives.
After all, severe penalties, including the possibility of jail time, are at stake for those involved in the destruction of relevant documents.
A few companies have caught on to the importance of relevant information to customers and are delivering customized data efficiently via e-mail.