relay station

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an amplifier for restoring the strength of a transmitted signal

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A comparison between nomadic and fixed relay stations shows that mobile or vehicle-mounted mobile relay stations have specific characteristics caused by the time-variant topology due to their mobility.
Under the WIS program, the Web service provider installed its relay stations on the roofs of four Daiei outlets in Fukuoka Prefecture, southern Japan, it said.
At present, each relay station handles a maximum of six i-mode-related carrier waves, allowing six people to access the service at once via the station.
The system has a 100-mile range and can be coupled with relay stations. All the equipment involved would fit on a small dining room table.
THE BBC World Service's Cyprus shortwave relay station closed on April 1, meaning listeners are no longer able to listen to the famous World Service broadcasts.
A local chief technician Sa'eed Abou-Daher, briefed him over the present state of affairs at the relay station and presented him with long-standing demands that constantly fell on deaf ears.
WESTBORO - Town officials say that no yard debris should be placed in the public roads, and that instead, it should be taken by residents to the town relay station.
Glen, famous for his Cartoon Cavalcade, and Mary, who fronted BBC news and current affairs for almost three decades, met at a remote transmitter relay station in Lanarkshire to end 59 years of analogue television transmission in Scotland.
Israeli officials said the vessel declared that it was going to Alexandria port in Egypt and that the weapons were from Iran with a relay station in Syria.
Voice and text messaging broadcaster Relay Station has announced the launch of a new web-based product to help enterprises communicate with customers, staff and suppliers during disasters via their preferred communications medium: voice, SMS, fax or e-mail.
Air traffic controllers and pilots have complained repeatedly about the interference caused by the illegal antennas which have been set up close to an air traffic relay station, reports The Associated Press.
The Government took charge of a BBC relay station on Ascension Island in the Atlantic.
As a Gazelle aircraft flies forward with two Royal Signals to set up a relay station, it is accidentally shot down near Pleasant Peak by a Sea Dart missile fired by HMS Cardiff, and all four people on board are killed.
The Dish tells the story of the heroic effort in an Australian outback relay station to make sure the pictures from space got through.