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Synonyms for relaxed

Synonyms for relaxed

not tautly bound, held, or fastened

Antonyms for relaxed

without strain or anxiety

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He observed that the superintendent had relaxed into a trot, which was to say, he, too, was favoring his horse.
The Virgin, who had tensed unconsciously till her muscles hurt her, relaxed.
His body exploded abruptly and terrifically in one instant, and on the next instant was relaxed.
Then all the quills drooped quite down, and the body relaxed and moved no more.
At night when the sun went down, the sheets were slackened; in the morning, when they yielded up the damp of the dew and relaxed, they were pulled tight again--and that was all.
The discipline of a ship (as all seafaring persons know) becomes relaxed in a long calm.
They considered me to blame for allowing the discipline of the vessel to be relaxed.
Hugh wiped his heated brow, and relaxed into a smile.
The travel-stained adventurers gazed after her in astonishment, and even the unemotional Indians, journeying in with their pelties, relaxed their accustomed stoicism as they marvelled at the beauty of the pale-faced maiden.
Fatigue stole over her at last; her grasp relaxed, tightened, relaxed again, and they slept side by side.
LOS ANGELES, May 29, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Relaxed Heating & Air Inc.
When we heard about Newcastle Theatre Royal working to create the relaxed performances it sounded like it would be an impossible task, but it works so well and Thomas just loved coming to the panto last year - it has become the highlight of the Christmas season for him.
A MUM says she's thrilled that her son will be experiencing the joy of theatre this year thanks to an extended programme of relaxed performances at Newcastle Theatre Royal.
Many put this down to spending quality time with their children, while others say that being relaxed has a positive effect on their parenting.
ROZ LAWS discovers how they're helping others to do the same through relaxed performances AYOUNG man approaches me with a handmade papier mache white mask over his face.