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a term in a proposition that is related to the referent of the proposition

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Perceptually based intuition may not be identical pragmatically and interculturally; lexical items which express spatial concepts may be interpretable in many ways "depending on the choice of referent, relatum and perspective" (Levelt 1996: 79).
Charles Goodman objects to Siderits's view, saying that "a causal chain doesn't have to have a person as a relatum to be a threat to free will" (2002:365).
She finds a remarkably sophisticated system and lists the following characteristics: a quantitative rather than qualitative difference in relation to standard sign languages between the hand configurations available, a systematic ordering of the constituents of some utterance types: relatum before theme, stable before mobile, cause before consequence, given information before new information.
Another Relatum from 1971, for example, presents a cluster of variously shaped small stones, sitting on cushions as if they were guests in a traditional Japanese or Korean home, while a 1969 Relatum takes the shape of a steel cube that looks about to burst at the seams with fluffy white cotton.
While the weaker forms of identity are frequently interpreted as relations, (11) this is excluded from absolute identity, not only verbally ("absolute" means "without relation"), but also per definitionem because every relation requires the difference between relation and relata (or at least one relatum in the case of identity) and therefore requires some internal differentiation.
Thus, infinitival structures prominently take requests or wishes as their interpretational relatum.
The mentioned causal factors may be a necessary (and perhaps a sufficient) condition for that epistemic relation to obtain, but they are not a relatum within that relation.