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consider or treat as relative

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The decision is an unprincipled market between VMRO-DPMNE and PDSH to relativize BDI's great victory, in Kicevo as well," BDI said.
Despite the initial impression, that the judgment left many apathetical, the nervous reaction with Athens, the swift statements of Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Stefan Fule and Matthew Nimetz and the US representatives showed that in spite of their efforts to relativize it, this will not happen easily.
This is Caputo's consistent dance: to sidestep both the authoritarian traditions and the modernisms that remain content to relativize.
Unfortunately, the author is content to relativize the history of the Corbieres only tangentially.
Some of those scenarios were seen during police action "Monster" but the politicians did not pay much attention and said that they are results of Branko and tried to relativize the incidents through their partisan activists.
When we filed the lawsuit against Greece in the International Court of Justice in the Hague, great fuss was made, but now there is silence and an attempt to relativize the situation.
21) Niebuhr seems to validate the "heteroglossia" that inscribes culture, the divergent tongues that, according to Bakhtin, must be dialogized rather than harmonized: "It is necessary that heteroglossia wash over a culture's awareness of itself and its language, penetrate to its core, relativize the primary language system underlying its ideology and literature and deprive it of its naive absence of conflict.
It enumerates its contents neutrally and without commentary, and it casually and repeatedly quotes the visual constants of the artist's own previous work in order to relativize those constants in a kind of self-ironization.
These are not questions for questions' sake or to relativize the faith, trot they are questions that, in Chittister's language, propel us along.
that Wolfram can relativize the poetic symbol of the grail in his earlier work, showing it as deficient in face of the theme of religious warfare.
Therefore, the dialogue and not constant elections, remains the only instrument that will relativize the interethnic frustrations.
All at-tempts to relativize and minimize these gains unambiguously put these negators on the other side of the barricades, Georgiev writes.
Though he claims that pluralism does not relativize its objects, I see no other outcome but fashionable, albeit genuine, images of the savior and the prophet as well as scriptures and revelation, which leave the religions less favor than they deserve.
In their historiographical introduction Burleigh and Wippermann sharply criticize those who have attempted to relativize the barbarities of Nazi Germany through inappropriate comparisons (Nolte et al.
The Government is trying to relativize the failure at the NATO Summit in Chicago in every way possible but this seems to have no greater effect, said Fejzi Hajdari, published of newspaper Lajm, in the interview with ABC News from Tirana.