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consider or treat as relative

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The first sentence is translated, the next two are not, precisely because they relativize the numerical fraud which is actually carried out by a large segment of the population seeking to pass as white.
The gypsies were useful to those who wished to relativize the Holocaust and to extend the category of victims of Nazism, or to promote an understanding of the Germans too as victims of the Second World War.
In fact, the sobering import of the narrative seems to have momentarily waylaid a writer who must know that lines like, "You seem to be going out of your way to relativize documented acts of mass murder" don't exactly trip gracefully from the tongue.
The quest for spiritual transcendence, beyond critique, may provide the experience from which to relativize a relativistic age.
During the 1980s, he strongly opposed "what he saw as an attempt to 'sanitize' German identity and relativize the Holocaust," Muller says.
Indeed, turning to the plot of the Venus/Adonis story, Cherchi writes that Canto 20 serves to relativize this supposedly pivotal story, "[.
that contemporary American democracy, by constitutionally privileging secularism, offers Catholics in public life a strong inducement to abandon, relativize, or remain silent about, their moral beliefs, insofar as these conflict with secularism.
That renewed interest in Troeltsch should be such an international phenomenon points to the relevance of the absolute as the goal of history, at least as a counter to relativize the cultural-linguistic idols of post-liberalism.
It appears then that the best we could do to approach objectivity would be to relativize explicitly ascriptions of value-relevant properties to standards operative at a time, recognizing that new relevant standards will likely emerge in the future.
The authors further face challenges with an uneven depth and accuracy of information for various periods and locations and at times appear to relativize external factors and underestimate other noneconomic conditions, particularly religious conviction and interreligious permeability.
He says that he did not want to relativize the claims of PDSH's candidate Sadi Bexheti but he was simply enticed by the truth.
Despite the initial impression, that the judgment left many apathetical, the nervous reaction with Athens, the swift statements of Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Stefan Fule and Matthew Nimetz and the US representatives showed that in spite of their efforts to relativize it, this will not happen easily.
This is Caputo's consistent dance: to sidestep both the authoritarian traditions and the modernisms that remain content to relativize.
Unfortunately, the author is content to relativize the history of the Corbieres only tangentially.
These are not questions for questions' sake or to relativize the faith, trot they are questions that, in Chittister's language, propel us along.