relative humidity

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the ratio of the amount of water in the air at a give temperature to the maximum amount it could hold at that temperature

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As shown here, for example, ambient air at a temperature of 75 F with a dewpoint temperature of 60 F has a relative humidity of 59.
direct contact, droplet nuclei, droplet, fomite) and relative humidity can uniquely affect each of these transmission modes.
This study used a rapid sampling device, the Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor M-CTE250 connected to a cylindrical volumetric flask, together with gas chromatography--mass spectrometry (GC-MS) to analyze VOC emissions from three-layer plywood under different temperatures, relative humidity levels, and ratios of air exchange rate-to-loading factor.
By integrating relative humidity and ambient temperature sensing functionality in a single small IC, ams is helping consumer electronics OEMs to improve the performance of their products, and to offer new features that users find valuable, while occupying a tiny piece of real estate on what are often densely populated boards, said Giovanni de Majo, Senior Marketing Manager at ams.
They showed non-significant and negative correlation with relative humidity, while it showed non-significant correlation with rainfall (Table III).
Compressive strength of Surkhi Lime Mortar (SLM) at 14, 28, 63 and 90 days is 538 psi, 632 psi, 1207 psi and 1284 psi respectively in controlled chamber with 95% relative humidity.
High relative humidity degrades reliability significantly, having a much more substantial impact than temperature or temperature variation," the researchers write.
The declination of germinability is also related to the hygroscopic nature of seeds, especially under warm temperatures, which is associated with the relative humidity of the surrounding air (Khaldun and Haque, 2009).
Among the three dates of sowing studied, the infection and development of late leaf spot disease was maximum under delayed sowing (August first week) in which the favourable conditions like high relative humidity and low temperatures coincided.
Air at 25[degree]C, for example, with a relative humidity of 100 percent, would have an absolute humidity of 23g/[m.
Wood is dimensionally stable when the EMC (equilibrium moisture content) has been reached and the relative humidity and ambient air temperature are no longer changing.
Cold storage, where only temperature and relative humidity are controlled in the storage chamber, is one of the main methods for conservation of fruit quality (CHITARRA & CHITARRA, 2005; BRACKMANN et al.
Q-Lab Corporation's laboratories in Flomestead, Florida and Saarbrucken, Germany offer contract testing services for automotive corrosion tests requiring relative humidity control.
Lumber interacts with the surrounding air so a product may not stay within that range If the surrounding relative humidity is not kept between 30-50% at around 70F.
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