relative density

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the ratio of the density of something to the density of a standard

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The overall percent relative density for each forage class in Pronghorn diets during January-April in 2006 and 2007 based on microscopic examination of 51 composite fecal samples was 67 + 6% (SE) shrubs, 17 + 3% forbs, 13 + 3% grasses, and 3 +1 % other (sedge, lichen, juniper; Table 1).
Relative density of architected cellular structures characterizes resultant equivalent density of architected cellular materials versus the overall material[11].
Cover Value Index (IVC): IVCi = DRi + DoRi/2, where: DRi = Relative Density of species i (%); and DoRi = Relative Dominance of the species i (%).
Table 5 shows the maximum density, minimum density and relative density values of the soil mixed with different percentages of lime-silica fume mix.
A comparison between relative densities of composites revealed that the relative density of composites A and B were much lower than composite C (Fig.
Due to the lack of empirical Young-density relations for inert materials, the Young modulus can only be expressed as a function of relative density.
Refractive indices (by Abbe's refractometer), viscosity (using viscometer), surface tension (by Stalagmometer) and relative density were also determined for these new compounds as yet not reported in literature.
The results were expressed as isolation frequency (% of samples in which each genera was present) and relative density (% of isolation of each species among strains of the same genera).
Our goal was to analyze the influence of pine plantations on the relative density of this species in Southern Spain.
Relative density for species was calculated as percentage of the total density of all species in quadrateusing the formula: Relative Density = Density of single species / Density of all species.
One shows the areas of strongest support for Ukip: the other indicates areas of relative density of immigration in the UK.
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