relative atomic mass

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(chemistry) the mass of an atom of a chemical element expressed in atomic mass units

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Step 5: The relationships between molar mass and relative atomic mass, and between mole and atomic mass unit were explained.
In this case, what would be the relative atomic mass in amu (with respect to the mass of a [sup.
12]C; the relative atomic mass would be 20 amu, (Relative mass of Argon atom=6 amu x 10/3=20 amu).
While avoiding overlap with other papers in this volume, this article summarizes results from: 1) early work on crystallization as a method of purification, in contributions to sugar chemistry, and in solution growth of large crystals; 2) the NBS/ARPA Program of research on crystal growth and characterization; 3) the NBS Free-Radical Research Program; 4) the XRCD method as a direct path to relative atomic mass data and the fundamental physical constants; 5) the dynamical theory of x-ray diffraction; and 6) symmetry considerations such as are involved in the influence on crystals of mechanical stress or fields, and of point defect motion.
For the past 40 years, NBS/NIST has excelled in isotopic composition measurements which, with the highly accurately known isotope mass values, lead to the mean relative atomic mass values of polynuclidic elements in their characteristic terrestrial compositions.
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