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being connected either logically or causally or by shared characteristics


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I see a plain inference of matrimonial consent in the circumstances which you have related to me and I say you are a married woman.
The temporary difference related to the noncurrent portfolio of marketable equity securities should be scheduled to reverse in the years in which management expects to sell the securities.
5 million), principally related to the accounting for the company's service award program.
Chapter 9: Sample Preparation for Analysis of Chemicals Related to the Chemical Weapons Convention in an Off-site Laboratory (Marja-Leena Kuitunen).
However, none of the tours specifically includes any scheduled instruction or curriculum related to the destinations.
Thus, although the goodwill is amortizable in X's hands, if X contributes its purchased goodwill to Z and Z is related to Y because Y has a greater-than-20% interest in Z, the goodwill contributed by X will cease to be amortizable goodwill; X, thus, will not obtain the benefit of amortizable tax basis.
In addition, positions reflecting the value of a portfolio of stocks will be treated as substantially similar or related to the taxpayer's stock holdings if the stock holdings and position substantially overlap.
The Service argued that (1) only hedges integrally related to inventory qualified for ordinary treatment; (2) transactions arising from the taxpayer's hedging program were not true hedges; (3) assets used as a hedge had to involve the same property as was being hedged; and (4) hedges related to the issuance of debentures could not qualify for any of the Sec.
Referencing scholarly literature related to giftedness as both asset and burden, the author explores school counselors' potential roles in responding to the needs of gifted students.
Part of the reason women suffer more than their fair share of eye-related conditions is simply related to time: Women live longer than men, and nearly all eye conditions become more prevalent as we age.
This study sought to investigate the effects of the Lighthouse Partnership After-School Service-Learning Program on middle school students' attitudes and actions related to social and academic responsibility.
This will also help Related to enhance the quality of its amenities and facilities available to residents.
The objective of this Statement is to provide guidance to governmental employers for measuring, recognizing, and reporting liabilities and expense/expenditures related to all termination benefits, including voluntary termination benefits, without limitation as to the period of time during which the benefits are offered, and involuntary termination benefits.
TGE used the sale proceeds, as well as additional taxpayer funds, to buy like-kind replacement properties for the taxpayer from a corporation related to the taxpayer.
The authors also found that the degree of cosmetic disfigurement following digit amputation in females was related to the development of PTSD symptoms, particularly avoidance and emotional numbing.