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Z hlediska vojenske relace mezi obema zememi doslo po nastupu Basara Assada k moci v roce 2000 k nekolika vojenskym operacim Izraele vuci Syrii.
She texted her husband and he went to the ward to relace the bulb.
Of course had Sir Alex Ferguson not changed his mind about retiring, Sven was set to relace him and would have been heading home from Japan right into Old Trafford.
Should you need to open one or the other, then the jammer drops out automatically and you will find it simplici ty itself to pop back or even relace with a brand new
President Clinton, largely silent on issues relace to the nation's capital during his first term, has unveiled a plan to assist financially-beleaguered Washington, D.C.
(If you're doing a set, keep one chair laced until you've finished the first, so you can refer back to the pattern.) relace one kind of diagonal-weave chair.
Z toho duvodu tedy take vysvetluje dosavadni zapojeni FSVS pouze do aktivit (viz nize), ktere spadaji do kategorie verejny trh, vlastne tedy do relace public-prive (z anglofonniho prostredi zname pod zkratkou PPP), a naopak absentujici externalizaci regalnich silovych pravomoci statu.
Jedna se zejmena o velmi problematicke relace mezi optimalnimi ex ante a ex post opatrenimi hospodarske politiky.
Rhincrew Silver (8.45) caught more approving male eyes than Chris Evert stooping to relace her shoes when giving Droopys Corleone a late fright eight nights ago.
Marshalla zahrnuje input-output relace ekonomickych subjektu v aglomeraci, faktory spolecneho trhu prace a vymeny informaci.
Pri srovnani urovne hodnoceni vsech 5 oblasti u japonskych respondentu lze vsak vysledovat celkove daleko horsi vnimani situace, i kdyz--pomineme-li tuto celkovou uroven--z hlediska vnimani jednotlivych oblasti v celkovem hodnoceni jsou relace obdobne--nejlepe je vnimana CSR v oblasti "politika trhu", nejhure (mozna prekvapive) v oblasti "hodnoty spolecnosti", jak ukazuje obr.