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rejecting or tending to reject


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Also the percentage of rats displaying rejective behaviors was significantly increased by the same dosages of the extract (p <0.05) (Table 2).
Because multiple tests were performed for each population, corresponding to the number of RFLP markers assayed, appropriate Type I error rates were determined by the sequentially rejective Bonferroni procedure.
Holm S (1979) A simple sequentially rejective multiple test procedure.
Multiple, pairwise comparisons of independent and dependent samples were submitted to the sequentially rejective ([[PSI].sub.SR]) and the percentile bootstrap methods ([[PSI].sub.PB]), respectively (Wilcox, 2005; via the R functions 'pbmcp' and 'rmmcppb').
"A Simple Sequentially Rejective Multiple Test Procedure." Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 6: 65-70.
Recently, in order to attenuate the undesirable influence caused by system parameter uncertainties and external disturbances, lots of robust control approaches have been developed and widely applied in practical systems, such as sliding mode control [9,10,12], adaptive control [13,14], disturbance observer based control [1, 2, 15, 16], and active disturbance rejective control [11].
PARI consists five dimensions: excessive motherhood (F1), democratic attitude and recognition of equality (F2), hostile and rejective attitude (F3), spousal misunderstanding (F4), and an authoritarian attitude (F5).
The rejection coefficient was tested at 0.1 Mpa using 500 mg [L.sup.-1] of albumin egg as the rejective material.
The desire to renegotiate the glamour of the Mother of childhood might be tragically directed--by techniques of symbolization that offer rejective separation and abjective splitting and by over-identification in empty-empathy (empathy-without-compassion) with disgust and rejection (experienced by the daughter-subject and elaborated by the analyst)-toward entitlement, revenge, and suicidal wishes.
For the incidence of neutropenia, the difference between the HxA and control groups was analysed by chi-square test according to the sequential rejective Holm procedure.