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Antonyms for rejective

rejecting or tending to reject


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PARI: Parental Attitude Research Instrument; FI: factor 1 (excessive motherhood); F2: factor 2 (democratic attitude and recognition of equality); F3: factor 3 (hostile and rejective attitude); F4: factor 4 (spousal misunderstanding); F5: factor 5 (authoritarian attitude); CSI: coping strategies indicator; PS: problem solving; SSS: searching for social support; A: avoidance; SD: standard deviation Table 7.
A sequentially rejective test procedure based on a modified Bonferroni inequality.
The computed augmented D-F statistic below the critical value in absolute terms requires rejective of the null hypothesis.
This, therefore, becomes the template most commonly evoked whenever religion is referred to in art, especially when religion is to suffer rejective insult--as it so often has, from Francis Bacon's Screaming Popes series of paintings, to Andres Serrano's Piss Christ, 1987.
One moment Nasrallah seemed rejective and dismissive, and the next he was dictating conditions, and then he was opening possible doors.
Al Qarni criticised many Muslims whose "religious discourse is so exclusive and rejective of others that even in their prayer they sometimes favour themselves against all nations, sects and ideologies.
They can continuously exercise a power of veto over the legislative process through this rejective or facultative referendum process.
Erik Erikson once observed that "as we learn to 'care for,' we also learn to exclude; and as we learn to 'take care of 'our kind, we are apt to become more rejective of other kinds which we perceive to be a major danger to all that we feel obligated to protect.
In a stagewise rejective multiple test (3), combined null hypothesis was used if for any j, j = 1.