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Synonyms for rejection

Synonyms for rejection

a negative response


a refusal to grant the truth of a statement or charge

a turning down of a request

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A stream of short stories flowed from his pen, and he branched out into the easier forms of verse - the kind he saw printed in the magazines - though he lost his head and wasted two weeks on a tragedy in blank verse, the swift rejection of which, by half a dozen magazines, dumfounded him.
Outbound tender rejections continued climbing to 4.68 percent off its mid-August lows of 3.77 percent.
These are rejections that send you away while leaving you intact.
As in the previous longitudinal studies, borderline rejections were not included in the rejection group (17,19).
Our steroid withdrawal protocol assumes that concordant rejections occur within both kidney and pancreatic allografts.
How do you deal with rejections? This is something I'm not good at, whether receiving a rejection from a person I like, from a company I'm applying to work at, or literally from anything I'd like to be a part of.
said that contrary to popular belief, apologies don't soften the blow of rejections.
101 rejections on biotech, pharma, and life sciences applications according to patent analytics firm Juristat ("The Top Firms for Handling Mayo/Myriad Rejections," by James Cosgrove, August 14, 2017).
Antibody-mediated rejections were more common in patients with high DSA levels (27% versus 6% in patients with no DSA).
Pastural et al., "Acute renal allograft rejections with major interstitial oedema and plasma cell-rich infiltrates: High y-interferon expression and poor clinical outcome," Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, vol.
While many companies have been issued software patents, other applications have been receiving rejections based on Alice.
This encourages me to tell your readers to learn how to accept rejections. It is a healthy attitude to accept rejection as a part of life.
Now, we will review a pending patent application that received a Section 101 rejection, and how the applicants overcame the rejection, to glean strategies for navigating patent eligibility rejections in view of the Interim Guidelines.
Although endomyocardial biopsy is the primary resource to diagnose acute rejections in all the cases discussed in this study, there are a few noninvasive diagnostics that have been demonstrated to be helpful in diagnosing acute allograft rejection after heart transplantation.
Downey and Feldman (1996) found that individuals who are high in RS may perceive ambiguous situations as rejections, while individuals who are low in RS perceive the same situation with greater neutrality.