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bring back into existence

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create anew and make over

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The results of the first round of grants are being featured at the Reinvent the Toilet Fair on August 14 and 15, 2012 at the foundation's offices in Seattle, Washington.
In this special report, Don't Say Retirement: You Can Reinvent Yourself and Your Career After 50, learn what vibrant women over 50 think are the new ways to redefine retirement.
Reinvent is an expanding incubation house for strategic, creative and passionate entrepreneurial businesses.
For example, Nike continually reinvents itself--and for that reason it is formidable in a very competitive market.
Most people involved with project management don't want to reinvent the wheel because the wheel works well enough; and it would waste precious time, dollars, and effort doing the reinvention.
He might have to reinvent some things or if he gets back the velocity more than what he's shown now, those adjustments are more likely going to be not as drastic,'' Scioscia said.
Go to Federated Department Stores' Web site and you can read about its Reinvent Strategy: "Federated has made a powerful long-term commitment to the process of constantly reinventing and improving the department store.
To renew the paper industry, we must first reinvent it by challenging all of our assumptions about how paper is made and why.
Like the popular "Face-to Face Communication Toolkit: Creating an Engaged Workforce," the latest toolkit provides all the materials needed to reinvent the communicator's role, including an organizational assessment, two PowerPoint presentations, a training and development module, a questionnaire, a Leader's Guide, a six step Strategic Planning Guide and a CD-ROM containing reproducible materials.
If you could reinvent yourself by combining the traits of two famous people, who would they be?
For those who want to get out of the impasses of critical theory today and to reinvent aesthetics, it is perhaps useful to bear in mind three larger philosophical principles Deleuze elaborated in his own way during the '80s.
Five years ago, IBM set out to reinvent the UNIX server, and today we are delivering groundbreaking technologies never before seen in UNIX systems," said Rod Adkins, general manager, IBM eServer pSeries.
One of the CEO's primary responsibilities is to constantly lead the charge to reinvent his or her company, so it can keep pace with ever-evolving customer demands and improving competitive offerings.
As a result of the outside pressure, groups consisting of FMS experts from industry and government are now trying to reinvent the Navy FMS process to make it more efficient and to reduce the cost of delivered hardware and services.