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  • verb

Synonyms for reintroduce

to bring back into existence or use

Synonyms for reintroduce

introduce anew

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The head of the Zimbabwe central bank of has said that the nation is not ready to reintroduce the local currency.
Therefore, the club must correct this unacceptable change and reintroduce their bilingual announcements.
Ford, a US-based car manufacturer, is to reintroduce an Escort model.
will reintroduce a divisional system from April 1, under which development, production and sales will be managed in an integrated manner according to each product, company officials said.
We would use the money raised by a mansion tax to reintroduce a lower 10p starting rate of tax, with the size of the band depending on the amount raised.
The decision to reintroduce French lessons in Qatari schools was announced by Qatar Minister for Education and Higher Education HE Sd bin Ibrahim al-Mahmoud at a meeting in Paris last year where his French counterpart was also present.
He said that by the registration of a politically motivated case against Basra, the PML-N wanted to reintroduce the culture of "political prisoners" in the country.
Butterfly Conservation has acquired Rough Bank in the Cotswolds and plans to reintroduce the large blue butterfly to the site, which is already home to four species of blue butter-flies.
CONSERVATIONISTS attempting to reintroduce an extinct bumblebee back to Britain are heading to Sweden to collect queens after a bid to bring the species back from New Zealand failed.
KABUL(PAN): A majority of Wolesi Jirga members on Wednesday agreed to amend rules of business to allow President Hamid Karzai to reintroduce rejected ministers-designate for a vote of confidence.
PLANS to reintroduce beavers into the Welsh countryside this summer for the first time since their extinction 900 years ago have been attacked by NFU Cymru.
TATTERSALLS IRELAND will reintroduce an offer to vendors of free entry and no vendor commission for this year's November Breeders Flat sale.
Kadyr Malikov said while suggesting to reintroduce death penalty both Security Council Secretary Adakhan Madumarov and National Security State Committee Chairman Murat Sutalinov shared their personal position.
At the completion of the closed-cycle recovery process, a high-pressure blast of air pulses the filter to remove the material dust and reintroduce the recovered material back into the process operation.
A similar programme is being developed to reintroduce the species into Iraq.