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a new or different meaning

a new or different interpretation

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Dezember explained that these reinterpretations exemplified one of the objectives of the exhibition.
The first and second chapters are dense reinterpretations of the Transcendental Deduction and imagination and schematism, respectively, and presume a thorough command of the first Critique.
As much as I love Mozart and the classics, there are all these marvelous contemporary composers whose music lends itself to reinterpretation," O'Riley says.
Garrard in particular has constructed Artemisia as an innovatively proto-feminist figure, whose brilliant reinterpretations of traditional subjects produced unprecedented characterizations of women in Italian painting.
Ek was both loved and disparaged by audiences for his radical reinterpretations of two classical ballets.
Schweitzer finds many of van Buren's proposed reinterpretations of the Second Testament and the theological tradition of the church in light of "Auschwitz" very convincing.
Palestinian decision-makers interested in improving the status of women can examine the reinterpretations of sharia that have been adopted by various countries.
In their imperviousness and plainness, the white rendered walls of the new wing are modern reinterpretations of Iberian vernacular, as are the patio spaces that infiltrate the complex, subtly filtering light, setting up intriguing through views.
Starring Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly and directed by Brazilian art film auteur Walter Salles (``Central Station,'' ``The Motorcycle Diaries''), it's aiming for psychological depth and classy production values, not the slavish re-creation of superficial shocks that marked other Japanese horror reinterpretations such as ``The Grudge'' and ``The Ring.
Here Loach accepts reinterpretations by Hoak and (although she fails to give him due credit) Barrett L.
Many of the products are reinterpretations of classic Mediterranean staples and others are little-known gems new to American palates, according to Leslie Wilson, director of marketing for Restaurant LuLu Gourmet Products.
Deriving significance from the Naxi tenet that sees the mountains as the backbone and water as the soul of their culture, both stone and water feature heavily; as do reinterpretations of the traditional Naxi home.
With his reinterpretations of ``Cinderella,'' ``Carmen'' (``The Car Man''), ``The Nutcracker'' and especially ``Swan Lake'' touring the globe, the multiple award-winning director and his unique works are hot properties.
It turns out that many, though not all, of the after landscapes just happen to be reinterpretations recently carried out by one of the author's firms, Pamela Burton & Company--and that one of them is for the family of the other author Marie Botnick.
Over the years he did paintings of mirrors, of brush strokes, of interiors, reinterpretations of works by Picasso, Mondrian, Leger, Monet and Cezanne.