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a new or different meaning

a new or different interpretation

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Yet the reinterpretation has faced some resistance at home and abroad.
Abe will consult the government's stance on constitutional reinterpretation to the ruling parties after the announcement, according to Suga.
If the constitutional reinterpretation process takes longer than the government hopes, there is a possibility that it would equally take longer to conclude the work to revise the defense cooperation guidelines.
Dezember explained that these reinterpretations exemplified one of the objectives of the exhibition.
He begins to tie together his reinterpretations to the aesthetics in Chapter 3.
He says that in The Once and Future King and Book of Merlyn, White offers important commentary on the traditions from which it draws, and though emphasizing Arthurian themes common to both versions, also presents a sophisticate reinterpretation of certain aspects.
O'Riley, renowned for his classical reinterpretations of Radiohead's music, will perform works spanning Drake's three influential albums, including such songs as "River Man," "Northern Sky," "Three Hours" and "Pink Moon," reimagined for solo piano.
She has also made several explicitly Jewish-related dances including The Good Jew (1991), in which a religious leader is on trial to determine if he's a good enough Jew; and Shehechianu (1995), a reinterpretation of the central Jewish prayer referred to in the title.
The immediate positive reaction to 4 West 21st Street indicates strong demand for sophisticated and innovative design, a reinterpretation and update of the traditional loft residence and for amenities discerning urbanites now expect such as 24-hour concierge, on-site parking, a landscaped terrace and fully equipped gym," commented Mr.
Without alcohol, this reinterpretation seems to say, there is not much to project on.
Most importantly, the court rejected calls from the Religious Right to use the cases as a vehicle to begin a radical reinterpretation of church-state law.
9 and 11, for example, and the radical reinterpretation of this idea in the New Testament; the same could be said for Isaiah's views on the servant that also function quite differently in the New Testament's interpretation of the death of Jesus.
There must be a reinterpretation by the highest body of the central government since there is gray area in the matter,'' said Ng Hong-man, one of Hong Kong's delegates to the NPC and a member of the Basic Law Committee.
But Lobb said sales could be jeopardized because the reinterpretation of the law--if adopted--requires Cuba to deposit money for the purchases in U.
I Am Legion is an interesting reinterpretation of the vampire story.