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Synonyms for reinterpret

interpret from a different viewpoint


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assign a new or different meaning to

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She covers how clergywomen embody schism in the Southern Baptist Convention, re-imagine Baptist identity, reframe and renew Baptist relationships, embody struggle and sacred presence, and reinterpret schism and remake Baptist identity.
But the investment outlook of the executives in Hong Kong has not been affected by the territory's recent decision to ask China's legislature to reinterpret the Basic Law, Hong Kong's constitution, over the controversial right of abode issue.
The new monthly ($350/6 months, $650/yr) focuses on technology litigation and updates readers on how e-commerce, computer technology and the internet are forcing both litigators and the courts to reinterpret existing law.
Putting 50-year-old information on microcomputers allows CNR's geoscientists to reinterpret it to develop new three-dimensional images of the earth's subsurface and forecast gas deposits in unexpected places.
Castillo tries to reinterpret and reclaim "behavior long seen as inherent in Mexic Amerindian woman's character, such as patience, preseverance, industriousness, loyalty to one's clan, and commitment to our children.
He also foresees Clinton working to reinterpret minority scholarship rules to ensure that they are maintained.
5x11", color-illustrated resource will inspire readers to reinterpret and reinvent everything from the surfaces on which they work to the way viewers interact with their finished pieces.
In The Bible As It Was (Harvard University Press, 1997) Kugel notes that even within the pages of Hebrew scripture--the so-called "Old" Testament--biblical authors felt free to edit and reinterpret earlier texts to further a point.
This ambitious book seeks to reinterpret the basis of political action in traditional rural societies from the perspective of community institutions rather than class interests.
Observation: The ruling does not change or reinterpret existing laws or regulations.
Fourteen legendary designers were challenged by Danish manufacturer Fritz Hansen to reinterpret the iconic Series 7 Chair.
Chief William Bratton has tried to reinterpret Special Order 40 to achieve both goals.
In the second case, the court argued that improved analytical methods and toxicological data gave EPA no right to reinterpret how it administers a 34-year-old law.
It's more interesting to be inspired by something that may have come before and then reinterpret it.
If diCorcia's street scenes seem to reinterpret Robert Frank and Garry Winogrand via the cold eye of the post-Becher Germans, "A Storybook Life" feels more homegrown, suggesting unanticipated affinities with photographers like William Eggleston and Stephen Shore.