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provide additional insurance for

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insure again by transferring to another insurance company all or a part of a liability assumed

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insure again by assuming all or a part of the liability of an insurance company already covering a risk

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The primary insurer, or ceding company, transfers a portion of risk to the reinsurer.
There has been notable growth for some Mena reinsurers over recent years, with Qatar Re in particular having reported a doubling of its premium base during 2015, it said, finding that Trust International Insurance and Reinsurance came at the second spot with gross premium of $475.
Obtaining reinsurance quotes may be a simple matter, but the selection of which reinsurers should participate in the bidding and the negotiation processes calls for special insights.
In its "1st View April 2013 Renewals Report," Willis Re says that "changing distribution models coupled with a flood of alternative capital has left many reinsurers concerned over both their existing portfolios and their access to future growth.
Earnings volatility, the threat that reinsurers remove from their clients, is the bete noire of the business community.
The proposal also could lead to modification of the 100% collateral requirement for foreign reinsurers, and it sets up a framework for creating a new, state-based approach to reinsurance regulation.
Citadel Investment Group, a large hedge fund, is closing a Bermuda reinsurer it formed in 2004, reports Reuters (Nov.
While it appears that the follow-the-settlements doctrine remains a powerful tool governing the relationship between cedents and reinsurers, recent case law demonstrates the courts' willingness to question its application.
4374-1(b), the liability for the FET attaches when the premium payment is transferred to the foreign insurer or reinsurer (including transfers to any bank, trust fund or similar recipient, designated by the foreign insurer or reinsurer), or to any nonresident agent, solicitor or broker.
Other reinsurers offer multiple lines of coverage but are small net line players.
The reinsurers did not respond Wednesday to a request for comment on the suit.
He also termed the legislation "extremely objectionable" because it would establish a mechanism that non-CPAs could use to qualify to perform audits of insurers and reinsurers.
BH) announced today that Alterra Bermuda Limited received approval from the State of Florida to qualify as an "Eligible Reinsurer," which allows lower collateral requirements on non-domestic reinsurers that are highly rated and financially secure.
Facultative business can give rise to conflicts between reinsurers and cedants in the handling of claims, particularly if the cedant is concerned with reputational risk and has no meaningful exposure.
reinsurers comprising the Reinsurance Association of America (RAA) reported a gain of over $1 billion in 2012 net income compared to 2011, as written premiums increased and underwriting results improved.