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provide additional insurance for

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insure again by transferring to another insurance company all or a part of a liability assumed

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insure again by assuming all or a part of the liability of an insurance company already covering a risk

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One of the biggest challenges, however, is how to identify runoff reinsurers.
Although they typically defer to the insurers, some reinsurers have contractually reserved the right to become involved.
Best stated that the number of domestic reinsurers had been cut in half from about 125 companies in the 1980s to roughly 60 in 1995.
Mounis will bring almost 30 years of international reinsurance expertise to the company's European operations, having served in senior management posts with France's largest reinsurer.
In exchange, reinsurers can reach growing markets in developing countries.
As a result, many ceding companies are trying new strategies to avoid problems in the future, such as shifting business to stronger reinsurers or trying to impose new conditions in their contracts.
Management was able to replace Skandia's participation on its 1994 treaties with several new reinsurers, which allows for better diversification within the reinsurance placement going forward.
Fitch believes that direct writers are interested in long-term relationships with stable reinsurance partners and will be cautious about partnering with younger, less experienced reinsurers, particularly in the wake of problems encountered by Scottish Re and Annuity & Life Re.
S, reinsurers may apply for licensure as port of entry reinsurers
Partly as a result, he said, reinsurers are "writing larger lines on fewer programs.
The Duff & Phelps report discusses the pros and cons of monoline versus multiline reinsurers and the current levels of reinsurance concentration.
The reinsurer's relationship to other reinsurers should also be known.
Our decision to expand into Continental Europe reflects our view that changing market conditions can create new opportunities for life insurance organizations and reinsurers, and we are well positioned to help make this happen," says Paul E.
Non-admitted reinsurers would see a major shift in collateral requirements under a plan advanced by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners at the group's winter meeting in San Antonio.
With some highly rated reinsurers having recently lost business to lower-rated organizations over price, leniency in terms, or conditions of coverage, reinsurers are under the spotlight for the first time in many years.