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Synonyms for reinstatement

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the condition of being reinstated

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the act of restoring someone to a previous position

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Malami specifically asked that the probe should be stopped pending the hearing and determination of the substantive suit, wherein he wants an order of the court stopping the probe of the reinstatement of the former chairman of the presidential task force on pension reforms.
Dela Rosa confirmed on Thursday the designation of Marcos, upon his reinstatement, as head of the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) in Soccsksargen (South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani and General Santos).
The potential danger of a reinstatement provision requiring evidence of insurability is that, if the policy unintentionally lapses due to the insured having functional incapacity or a cognitive reason, it may also result in the insured being unable to pass the underwriting requirements needed to show evidence of insurability.
Reinstatement is more common in the collective labour relations sector than in the non-union sector.
They informed that services of mobilizers were handed over to province by federal government after 18th Constitutional Amendment and their reinstatement would not burden financial position of the province.
United of Omaha reinstated the policy on January 3, 2006, after Sierra submitted a reinstatement application.
The FMLA's test for whether an employer can deny reinstatement to a properly designated key employee is whether the restoration of the employee will cause "substantial and grievous economic injury" to the operations of the employer, not whether the employee's absence will cause such injury.
This sent the case back to the ALJ, and the temporary reinstatement for miner Ratliff remained in effect.
While Patel's case has once again emphasised the importance of reinstatement tests, the World Anti- Doping Agency ( WADA), in its new code effective from January 2015, has surprisingly removed the requirement.
An area which is particularly important to many property professionals, owners and occupiers is the cost of insurance cover for reinstatement of the property in the event that a specified risk triggers a claim.
Reinstatement is the recovery of previously extinguished responding during response-independent delivery of previously reinforcing stimuli (Doughty, Reed, & Lattal, 2004; Franks & Lattal, 1976; Reid, 1957).
Axis Capital Holdings of Pembroke leads this latest grouping by announcing $300 million as its preliminary estimate of Sandy-related losses, after tax, reinsurance recoveries and reinstatement premiums.
University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan's resignation and subsequent reinstatement are being used as material for a UVA course this fall that will tackle the brief but turbulent period in the school's history.
In the agency's attempt to promote the use of this provision of the Act, they have also stepped up the use of the authority under the Mine Act to request temporary reinstatement for miners who claim unlawful discharge "while [they] fully investigate the case.
MANAMA: The government has accomplished Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) recommendation 1723, 1723A, B and C on reinstatement of dismissed public and private sector workers and students accused of taking part in last year's violent incidents.