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Synonyms for reinstate

Synonyms for reinstate

to bring back into existence or use

to put (someone) in the possession of a prior position or office

Synonyms for reinstate

restore to the previous state or rank

bring back into original existence, use, function, or position

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Filed by the ombudsman in August 2016, Alega was accused of refusing to reinstate Noel Castillejo as head of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO).
'The company has decided to agree to reinstate all the workers with seniority maintained.
Travel Business Review-January 24, 2019-Malaysia Airlines reinstates service to Kochi from Kuala Lumpur
The men claimed to have been unfairly sacked in 2011, but not re-employed despite a government initiative to reinstate people who lost their jobs as a result of unrest.
Najam Sethi was restored as the head of the Pakistan Cricket Board after the Supreme Court suspended the decision to reinstate Zaka Ashraf as the PCB chairperson.
THE Delhi University has taken a U-turn following HRD minister Smriti Irani's tweet asking the varsity to reinstate officials who allegedly leaked documents related to Irani.
MalacaAaAaAeA~ang said it will abide by the decision of the Supreme Cou to reinstate Deputy Ombudsman Emilio Gonzales III, who was earlier sacked by the Office of the President over a controversy that led to the Manila hostage crisis in 2010.
11--A committee established at the beginning of the year to address the Southern grievance of fired Southern soldiers and civilians following the 1994 civil between the North and South announced on Wednesday that President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi will issue a republican decree in the coming days to reinstate 795 high-ranking Southerners to their jobs.
"I would like to thank all members of the NEC for having confidence in me and also reaching to the decision to reinstate me," said Nematandani, state media reported.
"The Alba management has taken series of steps to reinstate dismissed employees and close this file for good.
The order to reinstate Tilekbai Alibaev in office as Chief of the Main Criminal Investigation Department was issued on August 10.
This filing was made to reinstate Bell's MTN program and enables Bell to offer up to Cdn $3 billion of MTN debentures from time to time until September 2013, providing Bell with financial flexibility and efficient access to Canadian and U.S.
The companies agreed to reinstate 608 employees, noted the ministry.
If an employer agreed to reinstate a dismissed worker to his job, in the context of a compromise, the followings should be done: 1.
Arrieta, Jacob J RHS 11/02/2011 Reinstate From 60-day DL