reinforced concrete

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concrete with metal and/or mesh added to provide extra support against stresses

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The aim of the paper is consideration of work of concrete and reinforced concrete elements as a force and deformation model.
Aghamal said said Pozzolan International has set its sights on becoming a key player in the UAE in the manufacturing and export of plastic spacers for reinforced concrete cover and supporting parts.
Experience shows that the durability of reinforced concrete in the Middle East varies from a few years to over a hundred years.
However, acknowledgment ofthe need to protect normally durable structural reinforced concrete by coatings has been really slow to develop.
It stands 2,717 feet high, dwarfing the steel framed Taipei 101, replacing it as the world's tallest building, and as such, becoming a monument to reinforced concrete technology.
The results suggest strongly that reinforced concrete sleepers result in lower life cycle greenhouse emissions than timber sleepers," according to the researchers.
150 mm cubes were used for determining the compressive strength of steel fibre reinforced concrete.
Keywords: concrete, reinforcement, bent beams, tension stiffening, bond models, cracked flexural reinforced concrete beams.
At the same time the sculptor Giuseppe Uncini, just over thirty years old, was developing a personal poetics that in many aspects paralleled Pasolini's, using bare, rough, unadorned reinforced concrete as the symbol of a new aesthetic, a modernity that had to be reckoned with, for better or worse.
In overseeing the building of factories in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, industrial engineers promoted the adoption of reinforced concrete walls and floors, traveling cranes, conveyor systems, internal railways, and electrification.
A 6-m (20-ft) wide ring of reinforced concrete encircles the dome and holds the ground anchors for the steel cables.
Ordinary reinforced concrete can support loads of 4,000 to 6,000 pounds per square inch (psi).
0 m made of pre-fabricated reinforced concrete elements, - erection of a riser shaft du 2,0 m with attachment trough shaft 2,400 x 2,400 sb with a depth of 11,50 m made of precast reinforced concrete parts incl.
Later chapters treat the behavior of reinforced concrete structures under static loads, seismic analysis and design methods for reinforced concrete structures, and structural systems for multistory buildings.