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Synonyms for reincarnate

be born anew in another body after death

cause to appear in a new form

having a new body

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but the addition of another dimension--gothicking romance--produces a chiastic study in which characteristics bleed or shift or die and reincarnate from one genre to another.
9] Those who neither desired liberation nor freed themselves from the bondage of the ego will reincarnate.
Mr Lepkowski seems to believe that every Albion team is Brazil 1970 reincarnate and no other team is a patch on them.
Having allied himself with old Labour, socialism and then Plaid Cymru in nine years as a councillor, therapist Graeme Beard is attempting to reincarnate the old independent spirit of 30 years ago by establishing the RCT Ratepayers Action Group.
Way back when Ricky Martin was a tyke in Menudo -- the original soprano-voiced, all-boy bubblegum band that continues to reincarnate itself -- any gay male adolescent found screaming alongside girl fans at one of the group's concerts would have stood out like Peewee Herman at a Rotary Club meeting.