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ignite anew, as of something burning

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Glynn Ortega, OAR also added, 'We're in for reigniting.
In India, recent policy measures and strategic direction defined by the government, especially its ambitious ' Make in India' campaign, hold the promise of reigniting growth in the years to come.
Maybe then we could get back to building businesses and reigniting true growth in the American economy.
Economist John Butler said: "The problem for the Bank of England is that if they cut interest rates further, they risk reigniting the consumer spending boom.
While inevitably reigniting the debate over the cloning of humans, this success in mice, the most common laboratory animals, should also speed research into the many mysteries still surrounding the working of this artificial reproductive method.
The Reigniting Growth in the Fragrance Industry global briefing offers an insight into to the size and shape of the Fragrances market and highlights buzz topics, emerging geographies, categories and trends as well as pressing industry issues and white spaces.
Now, new sparks of the dawning Rodrigo Duterte presidency are reigniting the peace landscape, he said, in reference to Duterte's earlier vow to settle long unresolved conflicts in the country, including insurgency and the Moro separatism.
Former world 10,000 metres gold medal list Liz McColgan has said there is no way she intends reigniting a racing career at international level.
And while the August 23 murder of the defrocked pedophile priest is reigniting news reports about the Catholic sex abuse scandal, it's also raising concern among prisoner advocates about the safety and welfare of gay and lesbian prisoners.
Those include reigniting the faith and its traditions; a return to its nationalistic traditions and history; and strengthening the unity between Armenia and its citizens abroad.
That certainly would be more productive than reigniting the Sabah claim issue, The Diplomat quoted Najib as saying.
Having bought a home in 1960 in Simi Valley, he unpacked his stash of anthropology books and arrowheads collected over the years, reigniting his interest in seeing if he could replicate the Indians' artistry.