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ignite anew, as of something burning

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In addition to suggesting a new weapon in the battle against AIDS, this so-called pseudogene reignites speculation about why infection with HIV kills people but not nonhuman primates.
They swamp my mailbox in a furious wave, warning about asbestos in tampons or legislative threats to public radio, then disappear as abruptly as they arrived, only to revive width renewed fury weeks later when some hapless office drone returns from vacation, checks his mail, and reignites the electronic hysterics all over again.
The research reignites the debate that has simmered since the terror attacks of Sept.
The recommendation reignites the most contentious contract dispute in the city's history, after the council last year was forced to back down from its no-bid contract extension award to Nederlander in the face of a voter-demanded referendum.
HAIFA, Israel -- Meretzki Reignites Goals of Advancing PluriX(TM) to Clinic, M&A, Strategic Partnerships and Long Term Funding in Rapidly Expanding Stem Cell Development Industry