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Synonyms for reification

regarding something abstract as a material thing

representing a human being as a physical thing deprived of personal qualities or individuality

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I am only suggesting that if Samuelson were to give up the artificial contrast between moral universality and tradition, which is based on simplistic reification, he would be able to see that the two men are American and British versions of much the same outlook on life and politics.
As atavistic as reification may seem, it can actually enhance economic activity.
In pointing to Merleau-Ponty's rejection of Herbert Marcuse's diagnosis of "one-dimensional man"--the reification and hollowing-out of subjectivity and individuality--Said hints at the torsions and ambiguities of his relationship with Marxism to come (Marcuse 1991).
Whatever the utility of Latour's hyperbolic contentions, they simply do not bear scrutiny next to Adorno's arguments about the object world--which, it should be recalled, turn on his complex proposal of 'natural history', itself incomprehensible without a dialectical understanding of reification.
Il est donc interessant de s'attarder a certains des travaux de Csaba Varga portant sur la question de la reification en droit, de meme qu'a ceux plus recents du philosophe Axel Honneth, afin de verifier si la question de la reification peut etre pertinente a l'etude du contrat d'assurance.
This disappearance occurs gradually, through the crescendo of the figurai renditions of time and the progressive foregrounding of reification.
Unusually well read, Moore impressively fleshes out both historical contexts and delineates three forms of reification they have in common: "the representation of power as demonic or supernatural; the displacement of power into ancient mythology and history; and the fetishism of commodities and spectacles that signify power" (p.
This exercise feels forced and lends itself to unwitting reification.
Despite Huyssen's frustrating reification and exotic perspective toward these "other" territories, this collection is not without merit.
lt;p>The reification came after decision for a report presented by the joint team from the two committee of service and committee of development and oil at the parliament.
seeks to restrain the reification of meaning as a "thing" to be attained and idolized.
95--The context for these lectures by the third generation Frankfurt School philosopher Axel Honneth is the idea of reification as first presented by the Hungarian Marxist Georg Lukacs in his book History and Class Consciousness of 1923.
3) Lukacs's theory of reification extends Marx's concept of commodity fetishism, via Max Weber's theory of rationalization, to argue that not only the economic sphere (in Marxist base-superstructure model, the socio-economic base comprising of the forces and relations of production) but "social institutions such as law, administration, and journalism" and "academic disciplines such as economics, jurisprudence, and philosophy" also become permeated by the commodity form or the logic of exchange.
This volume certainly destabilizes such reification, if it exists, as well as providing many reasons for continuing to think of Milton as a most Jewish writer.
This concern draws on Wenger's concept of reification, defined as objects (such as narratives) we produce which give form to our experience and congeal experience into "thingness" (58).