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  • verb

Synonyms for rehearse

Synonyms for rehearse

to do or perform repeatedly so as to master


to give a verbal account of

Synonyms for rehearse

engage in a rehearsal (of)

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They're researched to death and rehearsed up the wazoo until there's nothing left,'' says Barry Levinson, whose new movie ponders the possibility of a political comedian running for the presidency -- and winning.
According to a Microsoft PowerPoint poll, only 38% of 750 professionals polled said they rehearsed for their presentations.
such plans should be rehearsed at least quarterly; and
Robert's rehearsed presentation and his mention of Edgar's generosity did not amount to a promise of a future benefit.
I think it was 1980 when Jack rehearsed the role of Inspector Bidet in my play Curse of the Dog People.
In addition to "The Phantom of the Opera," world-renowned recording artist Sting also recently rehearsed at ValCom Inc.
The huge awards bash also featured performances from show host Katy Perry and American star Kid Rock, whose dancers rehearsed at the Devon Street dance centre.
The St Nicholas Cathedral Choir rehearsed for their annual Christmas concert at Benfield Motor Group's body shop on Railway Street, Newcastle.
During our club period, we rehearsed daily at an old storage complex in Hollywood,'' Gary once recalled.
Some groups were preexisting ensembles, and some rehearsed together for the first time that day.
And Murphy, then 19, suffered bouts of jealousy whenever Stiefel rehearsed or filmed steamy love scenes with his co-star, San Francisco Ballet's Amanda Schull.
They rehearsed yesterday at the newly refurbished small concert hall at St George's Hall.
About 80 children, aged between eight and 11 rehearsed at lunchtimes and after lessons for the performances which were held at Stoke Primary in Briton Road, Stoke.
This event will provide the American population with a chance to see the candidates in a new light -- where nothing is rehearsed ahead of time, the questions are outrageously fun, and the team with the best mix of talents wins.
She was one of the writers on the acclaimed drama Unprotected and her new play, Intemperance, got a rehearsed reading at the Everyman, as part of the Everyword New Writing Festival.