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Synonyms for rehear

hear or try a court case anew


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3 order, the majority of the 10th Circuit judges declined to rehear the case "en banc," or as a whole.
Rajaratnam and his lawyers argue that the 2nd Circuit should rehear his case because if his conviction remains in place, investigators will have "carte blanche to wiretap any professional investor whose business entails discussing publicly traded companies on the telephone.
Circuit vacated the judgment and will rehear the case.
The SPLC view: "Last spring, we predicted that the full Seventh Circuit would refuse to rehear this case.
On October 29, the full federal court of appeals denied a petition by EPA to rehear the May 14th decision on the agency's national ambient air quality standards for ozone and particulate matter.
I join this Court's order because its effect is to grant Neal Hampton Robbins, applicant, the relief to which he has been due but has been denied for half a decade," a clearly frustrated Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Elsa Alcala wrote in an opinion on the court's order that a 2015 decision to rehear the case was "improvidently granted.
28) Alternatively, the court may rehear the case en banc to reverse or affirm with a written opinion that recedes from earlier case law.
FNS) - The federal prosecutor here has asked an appeals court to rehear arguments relating to the Crazy Eddie racketeering convictions.
Note: The Federal Circuit recently approved a motion to rehear Hill.
the next step in the process will come on October 7, when Best and his legal team will have the opportunity to challenge the appointment to, and composition of, the panel that will rehear the charges against him.
5th Circuit Court of Appeals declined to rehear the case, effectively upholding a decision in the university's favor that was issued by a panel of the court's judges in July.
The court in an unusual move asked both sides to present briefs today on whether the full court should rehear the case.