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Synonyms for rehash

Synonyms for rehash

old material that is slightly reworked and used again

Related Words

present or use over, with no or few changes

go back over

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The tale of love, betrayal and guilt focuses on a couple who rehash their failed relationship over the course of one night.
Price can do little here but rehash some well-worn themes, chief among them being the conflict between Holland and the stadholders.
Pfizer labeled the metanalysis a "flawed rehash of old data" and distributed comments from cardiologists denouncing the research.
Sociologist Roberto Fernandez received $237,400 for yet another rehash of the thesis that inner-city unemployment is so high mainly because black and brown poor people live too far away from the jobs for which they'd qualify.
Sometimes the closest thing to honest reporting you'd find was a rehash of the local papers, done over morning coffee in embassy offices.
The track is a rehash of what Katrina Kaif did in Jha's film.
Based on a novel by the late Scott Sommer, it's the kind of coming-of-age story that its makers think is smarter than the formulaic norm, but in reality is just a pretentious rehash of the usual.
But it seems this rehash is getting a lot of attention.
Brainstorm and make it fun, rather than a rehash session of your problems.
Designed for countries that are only now opening up for car companies, like China and India, the Logan is designed to Renault's standards rather then being merely a rehash of an obsolete European car.
Space cadets with volume to spare-- they will, between the four of them, kill the LA Spook Rock and rehash.
Most writers of Anderson's age are past the peak of their authorial powers, content to rehash old themes or rest on their laurels.
He makes the usual claim to exhaustive interviews with all the principals, but you get the strong sense that this book is largely a rehash of his reporting for the paper.
Still, watching this film you can't gloss over the fact that this Siddharth Malhotra- directed rehash could have done with some vim.
Just when you had to guess that the job market is spilling over with bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, fantasy-team junkies, there comes a moment when you gotta hold back a snicker trying to rehash and re-trash this ever-changing list of potential Frank McCourt jesters, right?