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Synonyms for rehash

Synonyms for rehash

old material that is slightly reworked and used again

Related Words

present or use over, with no or few changes

go back over

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Although a rehash, the education story did anticipate the deadline last week for school districts to find their own consolidation partners.
James Kennedy, Marvin Olasky, and the late Francis Schaeffer, to name but a few, LaHaye's new book Mind Siege--largely a poorly written rehash of stuff he has written before (such as his 1980 The Battle for the Mind)--wouldn't merit serious comment.
This book does not just rehash the incident that occurred in Los Angeles, California, on March 3, 1991.
Also, stick to the time frame in question--don't rehash incidents of days gone by.
This is a rehash of previous commitments, some dating back 10 years.
Their new single is a rehash of Tiffany's I Think We're Alone Now, which was bad enough the first time around.
But it seems this rehash is getting a lot of attention.
A CONNOISSEUR of architecture in the Post (Letters, February 10) suggested a Fourth Grace design based on a rehash of several landmark buildings in Liverpool: sandstone, Doric columns here, domes there.
Because it's just a lame rehash of Still Born In The USA.
This is a full sized 36-page European skate trip rehash, and it's kill.
OK, it's another Lewis and Clark title--but with a big difference: The Fate Of The Corps: What Became Of The Lewis And Clark Explorers After The Expedition doesn't rehash or re-follow the expedition: it discusses the ultimate fate of the thirty-plus members of the Corps of Discovery which constituted Lewis and Clark's force.
The tale of love, betrayal and guilt focuses on a couple who rehash their failed relationship over the course of one night.
Price can do little here but rehash some well-worn themes, chief among them being the conflict between Holland and the stadholders.
Pfizer labeled the metanalysis a "flawed rehash of old data" and distributed comments from cardiologists denouncing the research.
Sociologist Roberto Fernandez received $237,400 for yet another rehash of the thesis that inner-city unemployment is so high mainly because black and brown poor people live too far away from the jobs for which they'd qualify.