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provide with a different harmony

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In this study, we review different mechanisms set up by public institutions and by NGOS and associations to bring together the two antagonistic communities, by initiating negociations and mediation in order to reread their common past, recognize their mistakes, mend their ways, reharmonize their link and restore peace in the province of Katanga in particular and in DR Congo in general.
The essays in this volume, then, aim to reharmonize literature and theology and to retune our ears to hear the biblical and Calvinist teachings that were central, not incidental, to the literature of the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
Again, surely the performer should have been told this without having to go to a library to compare the song with MB15; he or she might wish to sing it unaccompanied - ought to, perhaps - or reharmonize the cadences.
Anzaldua's account of the fawn killing seems emblematic of Bookchin's assertion that humans must reharmonize their interactions with one another by reforming cultural practices.
His solo concerts were quietly dazzling affairs in which he'd play melody, hint counterlines, reharmonize and suggest a rhythm section with casual ease.
Perhaps the most obvious "ritual" act in recent history that exposes, expresses, and reharmonizes injustice between social locations is the "Truth and Reconciliation Trials" in South Africa.