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restricting according to rules or principles


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The regulative pillar refers to the rules and laws in a society and is characterized by regulatory processes related to rule-setting, monitoring, and sanctioning activities that guide the behavior of individuals and organizations (Scott 2014).
The authors argue that we have good reason to adopt this ideal as regulative of scientific inquiry, and as guiding discovery of the laws of nature when and where they exist.
There exist two types of regulative mechanisms in these markets that govern the marketing system; the societal regulative mechanism and the commercialized regulative mechanism.
From this standpoint, Utopia is, in Kant's terms, a counterfactually (37) grounded regulative ideal.
On his turn, the Japanese ambassador stressed the importance of enhancing the relations between the two friendly countries, particularly in thelegislative and regulative sides.
Additionally, the strict regulative environment with regard to imports is expected to incur higher costs for the leading distributors of the multinational brands, which will further reduce the demand for the products as companies will have to increase prices to sustain their profits.
Emotion regulative strategy not only provides powerful theoretic instruction for emotion compensation, but also acts as a bridge between recognition and compensation.
Whereas regulative institutions are also known as formal institutions, normative and cognitive institutions are informal institutions.
Her findings demonstrate that local rights implementation processes require the establishment of a local infrastructure, managing institutions, and the initiation of regulative mechanisms that foster children's rights through the delivery of social services, typically managed in Bangladesh by local non-governmental organizations.
The Beyoy-lu City Protection Public Works Plan and the Beyoy-lu Regulative Works Plan, including the construction of a planned mosque near Taksim Square, will also be halted.
Sharia-compliant control methods act as the main determiner of the general framework for regulative plans and auditing mechanisms, he said, adding that the concept of control at financial institutions is different from that at Islamic financial bodies.
As Fischer puts it, we do not need regulative control of our actions to be morally responsible for them.
Findings suggest that a society's normative, cultural-cognitive, and regulative institutions are related to entrepreneurial activity.
It is expected that the fulfilment of the requirements in the following mid-term period will lead towards improvement of the regulative for craftsmen, reduced costs for craftsman and simplification of procedures for crafts," reads PEP 2013-2015.
The regulative body received solar energy projects that amount to 1,000 MWs of capacity on the first day alone, filling the daily quota.