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the condition of having been made regular (or more regular)

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the act of bringing to uniformity

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Since the government has imposed a ban on regularization of services of contractual employees, therefore, these employees should wait for the directives of the Sindh government in this connection.
Accordingly, the Authority will collect a minimum of Rs 280 million under this single head if owners of all the 70 establishments approach the CDA for regularization.
In reply to a query, the official said since adoption of Regularization of Contract Employees Bill 2013, services of hundreds
According to him: 'The confirmation of titles of the Area Councils can only be conducted after completion of the ongoing Area Councils' title regularization exercise, and therefore the general public is hereby advised to desist from transacting on the said titles until the conclusion of the regularization exercise.
In the manufacturing sector, the foremost consideration for the regularization involves the familiarity of a contractual worker on the existing operations of a company.
In order to attain this target and to fast track the regularization of workers, he said he has instructed the Undersecretary for Labor Relations to order all regional offices to require business establishments to submit a list of their employees and the nature of their employment, and a program of regularization.
Gockenbach presents readers with a comprehensive examination of the Tikhonov regularization as a method to solving linear inverse problems defined on Hilbert spaces.
He blamed the government for consciously ignoring the lecturers working in FATA and demanded an immediate release of salaries and issuance of regularization notification.
This contract covers services for land regularization of untitled occupants in the territory of the municipality of Saint-Leu.
The numerical methods for Tikhonov regularization method have been conducted, such as a well-known Landweber method [10], a Gauss-Newton method [11], a regularizing Newton-Kaczmarz method [12], and a multiscale smoothing method [13].
and Pereverzev (computational and applied mathematics, Austrian Academy of Sciences) present some aspects of regularization theory that have only recently been developed and have not appeared in the literature before now.
Srinagar, June 16 ( ANI ): Agitated employees protested for the fourth consecutive day here on Saturday and alleged that the state government has failed to fulfill the promise made to them in connection with the regularization of services.
LAHORE -- The regularization of 1800 senior doctors is being done by Punjab health department totally on merit in the line of the directions of Lahore High Court and Chief Minister Punjab has already given approval of the same.
Historical research on regularization programs in Canada suggests that regularization programs do not eliminate migrant illegality but reconfigure it.
Thus A is severely ill-conditioned, and regularization is used to compute stable approximations of [x.