regular polyhedron

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any one of five solids whose faces are congruent regular polygons and whose polyhedral angles are all congruent

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In addition to well-executed and neat models, the most important contribution of dynamic geometry to the given issue is the need to deal with non-standard geometrical relations between the given regular polyhedrons.
He was also aware of a famous geometrical proof that demonstrates an essential quality of regular polyhedrons: A sphere can be inscribed within each regular polyhedron such that it touches the center of each face of the polyhedron.
A regular polyhedron is a three-dimensional solid in which all facets are made of identical regular polygons.
He reviews linear algebras, then describes the group and its subsets, including homomorphism of two groups and the proper symmetric group of a regular polyhedron, the theory of linear representations of groups, the three-dimensional rotation group, permutation groups, Lie groups and Lie algebras, unitary groups, real orthogonal groups and symplectic groups.
structure, the properties of regular polyhedrons as tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron or icosahedron can be used in buildings architecture (Figure 6).