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Any regular payment on a credit card is a CPA, as is any from the bank that's neither a direct debit or standing order.
No payments have been made since a regular payment of $57,000 was missed on May 19.
The payments collected by Al Ansari Exchange will be treated as regular payment towards UAB's credit cards.
Some 23 million euro was taken out from the budget last year only to not question the regular payment of pensions.
Meantime, Press Trust of India recently quoted Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee as saying that India is making regular payment for Iran crude oil.
In addition to being an immediate collections tool, this service is a preventative measure to keep our members out of the collections process by setting up a regular payment schedule.
A regular payment plan will make the money go further.
Summary: Interpipe, one of the leading steel pipe and railway wheels producers, announces that it made a regular payment of Eurobond interest totalling USD 8,750,000 on August 1.
Key features include making bulk payments to multiple third parties and regular payment templates.
After that, they receive only one-third of the regular payment for services provided to patients.
The regular payment is the amount due from the borrower at regular intervals, such as monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or annually.
The service went live yesterday (31 July) and enables the bank's customers to check balances, move money instantly between linked accounts, pay bills and adjust regular payment arrangements at any time via a digital TV.
The existence of a compensation formula, regular payment of dividends, a board of directors that makes the compensation decisions, and a high return on equity may be the difference between a disallowed or reduced compensation deduction and an accepted one.